• The Forsyth County School Social Work mission is to advocate within the home, school, and community in ways that empower and support all students to achieve educational success. The primary goal of school social work is to address barriers to success, and to provide the resources that students and families need to achieve academic and life success. 
    The School Social Worker works with schools, students and families to eliminate barriers to successful learning by:
    • Developing and identifying resources for students and families
    • Assisting families in crisis or those with emergency needs
    • Advocating on behalf of children and families with agencies and community resources
    • Consulting with families, school staff, and community agencies

     School Social Workers assist students with educational barriers across a number of areas that could include:

    • Attendance/Truancy Concerns
    • Threats of Violence
    • Mental Health and Behavioral Concerns
    • Suicidal/Homicidal Threats
    • Domestic Violence
    • Pregnancy
    • Abuse (Emotional, Physical, and Sexual)
    • Discipline Issues
    • Homelessness/Unaccompanied Youth
    • Academic Concerns
    • Child/Parent Conflict
    • Juvenile/State Court
    • Health Concerns
    • Community Resource Linkage
    School Social Workers support the school, students and families in the following ways:
    • Staff Consultations
    • Student Conferences
    • Parent Conferences (in person, by phone, mail)
    • Group Work with Students
    • Facilitator
    • Student Support Team Meetings
    • Mediator
    Students may be referred to the school social worker through school counselors, teachers, administrators, parents, other school personnel, community agencies, or self-referred. 
    Contact Information:

    Mr. Naran Butler-Houck, MSW, LCSW

    School Social Worker
    Forsyth County Schools


    Lambert High School (base)

    Riverwatch Middle School

    Brookwood Elementary School

    Sharon Elementary School


    RMS Ph: 678.455.7311, Ext. 300117

    LHS Ph: 678.965.5050, Ext. 412002

    Email: nbutlerhouck@forsyth.k12.ga.us