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     Welcome to Silver City Kindergarten!

    Language Arts

    While in kindergarten, your child will learn to read through the SRA Reading and Language programs.  Phonics is the first step that launches a child into the world of reading. We teach our students the phonetic (or spoken) value of letters, letter combinations, and syllables. Learning to read is not the only goal for our kindergarten students, but it is what most children want to learn more than anything else when they begin school. Reading is learned most easily when taught in a systematic way. Through this process of incremental development and continual practice and review, your child will experience success every day.

    In kindergarten, we teach math through Calendar Time and Math Frameworks activities.  We use Calendar to introduce and review skills that develop number sense, graphing, estimating skills, and knowledge regarding the calendar year. We use the gradual process of counting our days in school to incorporate lessons in place value, tally marks, and time. Through calendar we also place emphasis on estimation, counting sums of money, seasons, and weather patterns. 
    We also use Math Frameworks activities to teach new concepts and provide students with opportunities to practice math skills with manipulatives, games, books, and writing.  Throughout mathematics instruction, we encourage children to apply the Standards for Mathematical Practice, which focus on work habits and problem solving skills.

    Science and Health Units

    Our science and health curriculum cover engaging topics that allow us to use hands-on activities as well as whole group and small group instruction. The focus areas include, Five Senses, Animals, Plants, Weather and Seasons, Objects Around Us, and Investigating Water. We also strive to challenge our students with higher level questioning to develop a deeper level of understanding.

    Social Studies Units

    The social studies curriculum focuses on teaching children to make connections between themselves and their community. We emphasize themes and holiday celebrations because they engage children and provide opportunities for children to connect learning to previous knowledge. Some of our themes are All About Me, Community Helpers, American Symbols,  Neighborhoods, Maps, and Holiday Traditions of the World. Holidays include Labor Day, Veteren's Day, Thanksgiving, President's Day, and Memorial Day.

Last Modified on January 19, 2017