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    Jennifer Cox, District Supervisor - Regular Education Transportation
    Phone: 770-889-0743 extension 780105
    Fax:  770-888-1210
    Penny Martin
    Penny Martin, District Supervisor - Special Needs Transportation
    Phone: 770-888-1234 extension 220116
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    Bus Riders

    Elementary school administrators and transportation staff have determined that for safety reasons, changes in bus transportation will not be permitted in Forsyth County Elementary Schools except in cases of true emergency. If such an emergency occurs, a bus pass will be presented to the driver, but only after it is approved by the school administration.
    Students who board a bus other than their assigned bus or request to get off the bus at other than their assigned stop will be returned to the school where the parent may pick them up.

    "We are Professional and Caring Employees, Providing Transportation Services that Protect Students, Support Quality Learning, And Improve the Community."



Last Modified on June 9, 2020