• Physical Education

    Your Coaches
    We are so excited to be your PE coaches at Big Creek!  We are very lucky to work in such a fabulous county with such amazing families. We like seeing skills strengthen and love watching the kids learn to enjoy physical activity!!!

    The Year in PE

    We have lots of new equipment, games, and activities in store for this year!  Each class will be planned with multiple elements of physical fitness to emphasize cardio-vascular fitness, strength, endurance, and flexibility in a fun positive environment.  We also provide instruction and activities that will develop motor skills, sports and athletic skills, teamwork, cooperation and good sportsmanship.  Some of the units to look forward to include gymnastics, soccer, frisbee golf, football, tinikling, cooperative games, bowling, volleyball, tag games, basketball…just to name a few!!  Our classes are always fun yet challenging and we aim to promote a positive attitude towards movement that our students can take along with them throughout their lives.



    When students come to PE one of our top priorities is safety.  We will need your child to be prepared for class.  For your child’s comfort and safety, we request the wearing of tennis shoes.  Any other type of shoe could increase the chance of injury.  We suggest wearing shorts under dresses or skirts for PE as well as clothes that allow freedom of movement.

    *If a student is injured or sick please bring a note from home.
    PE Expectations
    1:   Safety first, respect each others space

    2:  “Iceberg” means stop, look, and listen

    3:   Follow directions

    4:   Use equipment correctly and safely
    5:   Show good sportsmanship and HAVE FUN
    We have an open door policy in my gym and welcome you to come by anytime!!

    Coach McGowan & Coach Duncan





Last Modified on August 29, 2018