What Everyone Should Know about EIP:

    EIP stands for Early Intervention Program.

    It is a program offered to help children who are not working on grade level.

    Activities are geared to re-teach skills, or to give extra practice in Reading and Math.

    EIP is taught in addition to the regular classroom instruction.

    EIP teachers work with the classroom teachers to support the skills being taught and to offer assistance with parent conferences.

    Children are served Monday through Thursday for 40 minutes.  Students who qualify for Reading and Math will have two segments a day. Fridays are reserved for individual assistance and/or regular progress monitoring.

    EIP instruction does not take the place of classroom instruction. Students must be present for grade level content as the classroom teachers will assign grades. However, it is acceptable for the students to spend a portion of Reading and/or Math with their homeroom, and a portion with us.