Welcome to Our ESOL Page!
    Bienvenido a nuestra pagina de ESOL!

         Our ESOL program at Shiloh Point serves  children in grades K – 5.  Our classes are fun-filled and language-rich using a standards-based curriculum. We also incorporate technology in our classes using a variety of educational programs.   

         ESOL classes are 45 minutes long and are taught daily. The ESOL program is greatly supported by all stakeholders in our school and countywide. We are always sharing and receiving ideas on how to make sure all students reach their full potential!

    • Students remain in their regularly assigned classrooms.
    • ESOL teacher works with students for one or more class periods, usually during content area subjects. ESOL teacher uses Sheltered English to help students comprehend grade level concepts.
    • ESOL teacher uses simplified language, physical activities, visual aids, and the environment to teach vocabulary for concept development.
    • ESOL and classroom teachers can also team-teach to full group as needed.
    • Can be combined with limited pull-out. ESOL teacher may also meet separately with small groups of level 1 and 2 students to address basic English communication skills.

    Our EL students are very excited about learning a new language. They have  beautiful smiles that tell us, "We love school!"