• FCS Attendance Policy

    Please note the newest addition to the FCS Attendance Policy:

    Extended Vacations / Withdrawals


    As shared on this week’s Leader Talk, students who are leaving town for more than 10 consecutive days (or absent for 10 consecutive days) must be withdrawn in Infinite Campus after the 10th day out.  This is per local and state policy and the district is held accountable for violations.


    If families are taking extended vacations during the school year then students need to be enrolled in a program which can accommodate their needs. Parents should be encouraged to enroll their child in an online program of study (see below for options) or home school.   A student out for 15 or 20 days will not receive the same quality instruction by trying to stay connected to itslearning.  They should be made aware that there is no guarantee of the exact schedule upon return.  When they arrive back in town they may provide a current utility bill to the data clerk and be reenrolled.


    Possible online alternatives:

    Forsyth Virtual Academy (6 – 12), GA Virtual School (6 – 12), GA Cyber Academy (K – 12), GA Connections Academy (K – 12)

Last Modified on February 12, 2019