• Picking Just Right Books

    With so many choices in the Media Center, public library or even the bookstore, sometimes picking out the perfect book can be a challenge for students and parents. So how do you pick "just right books"? There are  skills and strategies students of any grade or reading level can use anywhere to choose a book.
    • Picture walks with non-fiction or picture books (do the pictures look interesting)
    • Read summary on back or inside cover of book
    • Read book reviews                                                                                       
    • Recommendations from a friend, teacher or librarian
    • Pick a topic or subject of interest to learn more about
    • Pick a genre, author or series you like to read
    • 5 Finger rule
    5 Finger Rule
    This a great, quick test for students to decide if a book is the right reading level for them. To practice this test, read any 2 full pages in the book. As you are reading, raise a finger for every word you do not know or understand. If you reach 4 or more fingers, then the book is too hard for you to read on your own and should try another book. If you "pass" the 5 finger test, then you should ask yourself these questions:
    1. Will I enjoy this book and want to finish it?
    2. Do I understand what I am reading?
    3. Can I read it out loud smoothly? 
    If you answer yes to these questions, then you have picked the perfect book for you!
    Finding the Right Fit Books   

Last Modified on August 19, 2019