• Vickery Creek Elementary School

    Local School Council: 2022-2023 Information
    Meeting Dates
    October 13, 2022 - Hendrix Middle School @ 7:30am
    December 1, 2022 - VCES @ 7:00am
    February 2, 2023 - VCES @ 7:00am
    March 3, 2023 - VCES @ 7:00am

    Lindsay Antoniskis

    Shannon Drawdy

    Nicki Greenhalgh

    Drew Hamm

    Amanda Lindsay

    Karen Lockhart

    Veronica Ortega

    Ann Patton

    Sheena Powell

    Renee Crouse

    Kristan Riedinger

    Mary Shaw


     Forsyth County LSC Information
    Forsyth County Schools has a strong tradition of local school governance involving staff, parents and community partners. Originally called Local School Advisory Councils (LSACs), FCS converted to Local School Councils (LSCs) in 2000 under Georgia's A+ Education Reform Act.   
    FCS has active LSCS in all schools, with the exception of those schools that have been open for less than a year. Councils are comprised of a minimum of seven council members, including the principal, at least two certified teachers elected by teachers, parents (who make up the majority of the council, with at least 2 being businesspersons) and other members as specified in the bylaws.
    LSCs are advisory bodies that provide recommendations to the school principal and the FC Board of Education. Councils meet at least four times a year annually. All meetings and corresponding minutes are open to the public.
    LSC meeting agendas and minutes are located in eBoard by selecting "meetings" from the channel bar that runs horizontally across the top of the page. From the drop down menu, select the name of the LSC you are seeking.
    LSC meeting minutes are also included in monthly BOE meeting agendas and annual LSC recommendations are presented to the BOE each spring. Both the minutes and recommendations can be viewed at eBoard. To view the minutes, select "meetings" from the channel bar and then select a BOE regular meeting date. When the agenda appears, scroll to the bottom of it and select "Local School Council Minutes".


Last Modified on September 15, 2022