Health and Physical Education Department:
    Coach M. Pruitt: 7th & 8th Grade Weight Training/ 6th Grade PE
    Coach McNeese: 7th & 8th Grade Weight Training/ 6th Grade PE
    Coach Jordan: 7th & 8th Grade Health/ 6th Grade PE
    Coach C. Pruitt: 6th & 7th Grade Health/ 8th Grade PE
    Coach Anderson: 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade PE



    Through the use of cooperation, teamwork, and communication, students at Liberty Middle School study the importance of physical fitness, proficient health practices, and safety procedures. 


    Health classes are offered through the Physical Education Department as a nine-week unit of instruction.  This required course is a diversified health curriculum which encompasses AIDS prevention/education, human growth and development, reproduction, nutrition, safety and drug awareness. Students are presented with information concerning a variety of careers in the field of health. These concepts are taught in a sequential order of difficulty from sixth grade through eighth grade.
    Advanced Weight Training: Advanced Weight Training is for student-athletes at Liberty Middle School. We work to develop the strength and size of skeletal muscles. This year-long class is designed to prepare our student-athletes for high school athletics. Advanced Weight training uses a variety of specialized equipment to target specific muscle groups and types of movement.
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