• The Hub Procedures and Policies
          The Liberty Middle School Media Center runs on a flexible schedule. Flexible scheduling is the most effective way of providing library services when they are most needed. Classes and students do not visit the library media center at arbitrary times. Instead, they visit the library media center when they need information or the services the library media program provides.
          Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning presents flexible scheduling as an essential program aspect for school library media centers. Planning between the library media specialist and the classroom teacher, which encourages both scheduled and informal visits, is the catalyst that makes this integrated library program work. The teacher brings to the planning process a knowledge of subject content and student needs. The library media specialist contributes a broad knowledge of resources and technology, an understanding of teaching methods, and a wide range of strategies that may be employed to help students learn information skills.
          Cooperative planning by the teacher and library media specialist integrates information skills and materials into the classroom curriculum and results in the development of assignments that encourage open inquiry.
    Students may come to the media center at any time during the day with a signed pass.
    • Small groups (up to 5 students) need not to be scheduled
    • Groups larger than 5 need to be scheduled by the classroom teacher
    • If not in a scheduled class coming to the library, sign in and out using the computer on the front desk upon entering and exiting of media center.
    Borrowing Policy
    • Students may check out up to 2 books for 2 weeks.
    • Students may renew items if they are not reserved for another student or teacher.
    • Reference materials cannot be checked out.
    • There are no fines for late materialno further checkouts until materials are returned.
    • Lost books are to be reported immediately.

    Please don't check out materials for other students. If a material is lost, it will be the responsibility of the student who checked out the material to pay for it. There will be no checkout until lost books are paid for fully.


    LMS Expectations
    • Students must follow the Appropriate Use Policy of Forsyth County Schools Computers and Network as stated here.
    • Students must follow LMS expectations in the Hub
Last Modified on February 21, 2019