• Copyright Information

    Copyright: creative artist's control of original work: the legal right of creative artists or publishers to control the use and reproduction of their original works.

    This means the creator of any work--in form or idea--has the sole legal right to copy, sell, or distribute that work. Anyone else does not!

    What does copyright mean to teachers?


    All educators must follow FAIR USE guidelines in observance of copyright regulations. Under FAIR USE, educators may use copyrighted materials under certain restrictions.

    An easy to use chart created for educators by Technology and Learning is a good resource for teachers to become familiar with what the restrictions are.  

    Fair use is the individual teacher's responsibility - the days of saying "I didn't know" are long gone.  Teachers are also responsible for making students aware of fair use and incorporating it into the creation of text and multimedia project. 


    Here are some links for teachers to better understand copyright and to teach responsible use of copyrighted materials to students:
    7 Outstanding Web Resources for Teachers and Students To Learn About Copyright Issues (Educational Technology and Mobile Learning) - http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2012/07/7-outstanding-web-resources-for.html
     CopyRight Kids Parent and Teacher Resources (Copyright Society of the USA) - http://www.copyrightkids.org/teachrentframes.htm
    Library of Congress - Copyright and Primary Sources - http://www.loc.gov/teachers/usingprimarysources/copyright.html
    If you have questions about the use of copyrighted material, please contact your Media/Technology Specialist, who can help you make a smart choice about how to use the material.
Last Modified on October 18, 2018