• Athletics at NFMS

    Dusty Hoyle
    Director of Athletics

    770-889-0743 ext. 780576
    Ty Carnes
    Assistant Athletic Director
    770-889-0743 ext. 780576
    Forsyth County Athletic Director - Nathan Turner  nturner@forsyth.k12.ga.us
    County Athletic Website - www.forsyth.k12.ga.us/athletics
    Middle School Athletic Website -  http://fcmsathletics.com/



    Football:  Jeremy Smith, Jim Gray, John Thompson, Jarren Smith, Bryson Turner

    Competition/Football Cheer:  Candace Borque, Jordan Dean

    7th/8th Boy's Basketball:  Josh Day, Kevin Dankosky

    7th / 8th Girl's Basketball:  Kim Allen, Derek Shelton

    7th /8th Basketball Cheer:  Brandy Gibson

    Track and Field:     Ty Carnes, Dusty Hoyle, Jim Gray, Mallory Grant

    Golf:  Dave Stephenson

    North Forsyth Middle School offers students many opportunities in extracurricular, competitive athletic programs.  

    Football, Basketball, Track and Field, Golf and Cheerleading are open to all students in grades seven and eight who meet the eligibility requirements of grades (pass/fail for semester) and have a current sports physical on file with the school athletic department.

    Grade eligibility:  Students must have passed 5 out of 6/7 classes from the previous semester to be eligible to play.  (Coaches may have additional eligibility requirements.  See specific coach for details).

    Physicals:  NFMS, in conjunction with Haynes Sports Medicine, offers after-school physicals once a year (Spring) to potential athletes at a minimal fee (to satisfy the required examination).   Students may obtain physicals from their personal physician but must be filled out on the FCMS athletics form (effective July, 2006).  Blank copies may be obtained from the athletic department and/or coach or electronically by clicking the appropriate links below.

    Spring 2022 Physicals -   Date TBD - North Forsyth High School  8:00 AM to 12:00 
    Make checks payable to: North Forsyth High School 
    Required Forms for all sports' tryouts and athletic participation:

            FCS Physical Form (now all forms are on one document)

    *** Parents, please note the required Insurance section at the bottom of the Participation Form.  Proof of Insurance is required.***

    Intramurals:   North Forsyth Middle offers an outstanding intramural program to students in grades six, seven, and eight as an alternative sports/activities program.  Student eligibility for intramurals requires parental permission forms that are kept on file in the athletic department.  No physicals are necessary to participate in the intramural program.  Activities offered in intramurals are based on student interest and are scheduled throughout the year with morning sessions in the fall, winter, and spring.  Students may participate in any session throughout the year and during their off-season from other sports.  Good sportsmanship and having fun are the only pre-requisites for participating in this program. 
    We will have three Intramural blocks this year (fall, winter, and spring).  Each block will be 6 weeks with two sessions per week. Permission forms are available  in the gym or by clicking the link below.  One permission form will last for the entire year.  You may attend any sessions that you wish since this program is optional.
    Please direct athletic/intramural questions to Coach Hoyle or Coach Carnes via e-mail and/or voice mail.  (dhoyle@forsyth.k12.ga.us , tcarnes@forsyth.k12.ga.us. Voice mail:  770.889.0743. Ext 780576  
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