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    2021-2022 Track Coaching Staff
         Head Coach: Megan Beaty  
     Email: f39234@forsyth.k12.ga.us
    Assistant Coach: Taylor Bush
    Assistant Coach: Lacey Wolter
    Assistant Coach: Nicole Krsulic
    Tryouts will be February 15th and 16th. February 17th is reserved for any make-ups.
    Your athlete needs a current physical on file in order to participate!
    Virtual Parent meeting on February 17th at 7:00PM 
    Practices will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:15-6:00pm

     Forsyth County Championship Team


    2022 Track Schedule


     Congrats to our 2022 OMS Track and Field Team



    Preston Stephens (8)

    Trisha Orlando (7)

    Isaac Harper (7)

    Nina Wood (7)

    Max Haertel (8)

    Brooklyn Hilton (7)

    Dmarcus Staniclas (7)

    Ashlyn Stewart (7)

    Aiden Simpson (8)

    Brooklynn Pirkle (7)

    Avick Knepshield (8)

    Monroe Lewis (8)

    Micheal Stephens (8)

    Sahana Rex (8)

    Franklin Omneka (7)

    Sarah Velia (8)

    Aaron Escobar (7)

    Tanea Roberts (8)

    Carlos Anzola (8)

    Emelie Burke (8)

    Nick Hertzler (7)

    Mykasia Palmer (8)

    Grayson Davis (7)

    Sarah Van Olphen (8)

    Trent Frysz (7)

    Kira Kim (8)

    Graden Spenner (8) Rylee Whitmer (8)
    Wesley Le (8)  

    Malachi Nelson (8)


    Cale Cochran (8)

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