• Welcome to the Language Arts Department at Riverwatch!

    The language arts program at Riverwatch, based on the Georgia Standards of Excellenceintegrates speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar skills. All grade levels use the writing process as the foundation for the teaching of writing, as well as for integration of vocabulary and grammar concepts. The different types of writing (informative/explanatory, narrative, argumentative) are emphasized through a myriad of assignments.  The emphasis in writing is to provide evidence from a reading passage to support  analysis, reflection, and research.  All ELA classes utilize the DBQ (Data Based Questioning) writing process to instruct students how to analyze and reflect on either a non-fiction or fiction piece. As a result, students read a variety of literature, including short stories, poems, novels, dramas, and essays. Our use of technology helps implement and enhance the language arts curriculum.

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    6th – 7th Grade




    ·         Learning Literacy Strategies -Special Education Course

    ·         ELL – English Language Learners


    ·         Language Arts

    ·         Enrichment



    ·         Language Arts




    8th Grade




    ·         Learning Literacy Strategies -  Special Education Course

    ·         ELL – English Language Learners


    ·         Language Arts



    ·         Language Arts


     6th Grade ELA Team

    Sara Barlow

    Lindsey Messina

    Gayla Dore

    Carol Tisdale

    Terri Cole 

     7th Grade ELA Team

    Ginger Breyo

    April Regocki

    Amy Johnson

    Celin Yu

    Suzanne Holloway 

     8th Grade ELA Team

    Allison Stump-Cooper

    Christy McGinley

    Carrie Gilliland

    Lisa Higginbotham

    Johna Hayes



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