• Health Department


    We encourage communication with our community, so please do not hesitate to contact us about any questions or concerns you may have. We are very excited about Health this year.  We have an Informative curriculum to teach and hope to prepare each and every student for a bright healthy future.



    16TH GRADE

    Too Good For Drugs:

    Choosing the Best:
    Deciding on Your Future                        
    Figuring out Friendships and Relationships
    Identifying the Risks
    Choosing the Best Way                         
    Learning to say “No”

    Avoiding Unhealthy Relationships


    17TH GRADE

    Too Good For Drugs:

    Choosing the Best:

    Sex: Everybody is Talking About it The Risk of STDs and HIV/AIDS

    Teen Pregnancy and “Safe Sex”                
    Pressures to be Sexually Active
    Choosing the Best Path                              
    Set it! The Need for Boundaries
    Say it! The Need to Speak Up                   
    Show it! The Need to be Assertive


    18th GRADE

    Too Good For Drugs:

    Choosing the Best:
    Sex, Emotions, and Self Respect                      
    Sex, Alcohol, and Respect
    Sex, STDs, and Honesty                                     
    Sex, HIV/AIDS, and Compassion
    Sex, Love, and Choices                                      
    Sex, Limits, and Self Discipline