• 2021-2022 RMS Band Repertoire

    Above the World – Rob Grice (8th Grade Band)
    Alpha Squadron – Greg Hillis (Beginning Band)
    Amber Moon - Naoya Wada (7th Grade Band)

    Anthem of an Era – Tyler S. Grant (8th Grade Band)
    Aquia Landing March – Paul Murtha (7th Grade Band)
    Arabian Dances – Roland Barrett (7th Grade Band)
    As I Gaze from the High Mountain – Patrick J. Burns (Beginning Band)
    Balkan Seven - Scott Watson (8th Grade Band)
    Bugler's Holiday – Leroy Anderson ft. Atlanta Trumpet Ensemble (Symphonic Band)
    Chasing Sunlight - Cait Nishimura (Symphonic Band, 8th Grade Band)
    Celtic Air and Dance – Michael Sweeney (Beginning Band)
    Celtic Air and March – Michael Sweeney (7th Grade Band)
    Chester Variations - Elliot Del Borgo (7th Grade Band)
    Darklands March – Randall Standridge (8th Grade Band)
    Etowah – Brian Balmages (7th Grade Band)
    Fernando's Fandango – Ed Huckeby (7th Grade Band)
    Ignition - Todd Stalter (Symphonic Band)
    Images of Ireland – Brian Balmages (8th Grade Band)

    Inferno in the Lost Pines – Larry Clark (7th Grade Band)
    Infinity – James Curnow (Beginning Band)
    Mystery Bay March - Steve Hodges (7th Grade Band)
    Savannah River Rhapsody - Robert Sheldon (Symphonic Band)

    Sea Songs - Ralph Vaughan Williams (Symphonic Band)
    Sun Cycles - Brian Balmages (Symphonic Band)
    The Liberty Bell - John Philip Sousa/arr. Andrew Balent (Symphonic Band)
    The Ruins of Tulum – Jack Wilds (7th Grade Band)
    'Tis The Last Rose of Summer - arr. D. Hunsberger ft. Dr. Brandon Craswell, UGA (Symphonic Band)
    Traces of Amber Sky - Aaron Perrine (Symphonic Band)
    Spoon River – Percy Grainger/arr. Robert Sheldon (Symphonic Band)
    Where Eagles Soar - Steven Reineke (Symphonic Band)

    Riverwatch Band Repertoire

    Above and Beyond – James Swearingen

    Above the World – Rob Grice

    Allied Honor March – Karl L. King/ed. Swearingen (NBA President Dr. John Culvahouse, guest conductor)

    Alpha Squadron – Greg Hillis
    Amen! – Frank Ticheli

    Among the Clouds – Brian Balmages
    Ancient Moon – Elliot Del Borgo

    And It Begins –  Haley Woodrow

    Andalucia – Victor Lopez

    Andromeda Overture – Mark Williams

    Anthem of an Era – Tyler S. Grant
    Apollo Fanfare – Robert W. Smith
    Aquia Landing (Guardians of Liberty March) – Paul Murtha

    Arabian Dances – Roland Barrett

    Aruba Tuba – Loest
    As I Gaze from the High Mountain – Patrick J. Burns

    Asian Folk Rhapsody – Richard Saucedo

    Awakening Hills – Richard Saucedo

    Balkan Seven – Watson

    Ballade – Jenkins

    Baron Piquant on Pointe – Donald Grantham (Riverwatch Commission Consortium Member)

    Beyond the Seven Hills – Michael Sweeney
    Bom Dia – Andrew Ballent
    The Black Horse Troop – John Philip Sousa/ed. Frederick Fennell
    Bugler's Holiday – Leroy Anderson
    The Cave You Fear – Michael Markowski

    Celtic Air and Dance – Michael Sweeney (GMEA College Division Chair Dr. Skip Taylor, guest conductor)

    Celtic Air and Dance No. 2 – Michael Sweeney

    Celtic Air and Dance No. 3 – Michael Sweeney

    Celtic Air and March – Michael Sweeney

    A Christmas Festival (Introduction and Finale) – Leroy Anderson

    Cluster, Fluster, Bluster March – David Holsinger

    Colliding Visions – Brian Balmages

    Colonel Bogey – Kenneth Alford/arr. Mark Williams

    Comet Ride – Brian Balmages
    Creepy Crawlies – Michael Story

    Crystal Moon – Larry Clark

    Dansbury Run – Michael Sweeney

    Dark Fortress Overture – Rob Grice

    Darklands March – Randall Standridge

    Der Erlkonig – Watson

    Dona Nobis Pacem – arr. Marty Schubert

    Dragon Dance – Michael Story

    Dragon Slayer – Rob Grice

    Dragons of the Ancient Court – Mark Williams

    Eagle Ridge – Mark Williams
    Engines of Resistance – Larry Clark

    Etowah – Brian Balmages
    Fanfare and Flourishes II
     – James Curnow
    Fernando's Fandango – Ed Huckeby

    Fire Dance – David Shaffer
    Fireburst Fanfare – Roland Barrett

    Flight of the Bumblebee - Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov (Christina Bae, piano soloist)

    Ghost in the Machine – Sweet
    Grand Galop – Johnnie Vinson
    Grandfather's Clock – George Doughty (Alvin Ashlaw, tuba soloist)
    The Haunted Carosel – Svance
    Hebrides Suite – Clare Grundman
    Heavy Metal – Scott Watson

    Horkstow Grange (from "Lincolnshire Posy) – Percy Grainger (adapted Michael Sweeney)

    Hypnotic Fireflies – Brian Balmages

    Images of Ireland – Brian Balmages

    Inferno in the Lost Pines – Larry Clark

    Infinity – James Curnow

    Into the Arctic – Brian Balmages

    Into the Dragon's Lair – Jaworski

    Keltic Variations – Samuel Hazo

    Lady Libery March – Paul Murtha

    A Longford Legend – Robert Sheldon

    Marathon – Matt Koperniak

    March of the Hyperion Guard – Robert Sheldon

    March of the Trolls – Edvard Grieg/arr. Brian Beck

    March Zuma – John O'Reilly
    Marches des Belges Parachustes – Pierre Leemans/arr. Charles Wiley
    Moscow, 1941 – Brian Balmages
    Mystery Bay March – Hodges
    Overture 1812 – P. I. Tchaikovsky/arr. Michael Story
    Peacemaker March – Karl King
    Pevensey Castle – Robert Sheldon
    Pinnacle – Rob Grice
    Presidents Day Parade – Paul Murtha
    Pulse Pounding – O'Loughlin
    Quad City Stomp - Michael Sweeney
    The Red River Valley – Pierre La Plante

    Raider's March – John Williams/arr. Lavender

    A Renaissance Festival – James Curnow

    Reverberations – Brian Balmages

    Rising Star – Samuel Hazo

    The Ruins of Tulum – Jack Wilds

    Sheltering Sky – John Mackey

    Siegfried's Sensational Circus March – Myers

    Silverbrook – Michael Sweeney

    Spoon River – Grainger/arr. Sheldon

    St. Petersburg March – Vinson
    Star Spangled Banner – Francis Scott Key (GMEA President Mary Land, guest conductor)
    Strange Humors – John Mackey

    Structures – Roland Barrett

    The Tempest – Robert W. Smith

    The Tenth Planet – Michael Story

    Themes from "Green Bushes" – Percy Aldridge Grainger/arr. Larry Daehn
    Tribute – Richard A. Crosby (Riverwatch Commission)

    Two British Folk Songs – Elliot del Borgo

    The Typewriter – Leroy Anderson

    Undertow – John Mackey

    Unquiet Hours – Biedenbender

    "Un Sospiro" (Introduction) – Franz Liszt (Christina Bae, piano soloist)

    Valley Forge March – Edmondson

    Vertigo – Chris Bernotas

    Waltz No. 2 – Shostakovich/arr. Curnow

    We, The People – Swearingen

    Zombie Tango – Meredith

    Zydeco Cajun Crawdad Dance – Roland Barrett 

     Popular Music
    Ain't No Mountain High Enough – arr. Longfield
    Beauty and the Beast – arr. Lavender
    Blazing Bones of the West – arr. Story
    Call Me Maybe – arr. Brown
    Captain America March – arr. Murtha
    Cheerleader – arr. Roszell
    The Chronicles of Narnia – arr. Sweeney
    Creepy Cralies – arr. Story
    Defying Gravity – arr. Sweeney
    Disney Blockbuster – arr. Higgins
    Doctor Boo! – Adams
    Don't Stop Believin' – arr. Brown
    Dr. ROCKenstein – Hodges
    Hey Judge – arr. Longfield
    Hey, Soul Sister – arr. Kazik
    Highlights from "The Wizard of Oz" – arr. Story
    How to Train Your Dragon – arr. Vinson
    I'm A Believer – arr. Murtha
    James Bond Returns – arr. Ken Dye
    John Williams: Movie Adventures – arr. Sweeney
    Lady Gaga Dance Mix – arr. Ricketts
    Little Shop of Horrors – arr. Story
    The Magic of Harry Potter – arr. Story
    Moana – arr. Bocook
    Oye Como Va – arr. Brown
    The Phantom of the Opera – arr. Sweeney
    Pirates of the Caribbean – arr. Brown
    Pokemon Theme – arr. Murtha
    Poker Face – arr. O'Loughlin
    Raiders March – arr. Lavender
    The Red, the White, and the Blues – Feldstein
    Rey's Theme – arr. Vinson
    Rude – arr. Longfield
    Shake it Off – arr. Longfield
    Shut Up and Dance – arr. Story
    Star Wars – John Williams/arr. Strommen
    Star Wars: The Force Awakens – arr. Sweeney
    Supercalifragilisticexpidalidocious – arr. Sweeney
    Superheroes R Us – arr. Story
    Wicked (Selections) – arr. Michael Sweeney