Physical & Insurance Information



    • All students who plan on trying out for, or participating on, any Riverwatch Middle School athletic team are required to have a current physical on file at the school.
    • You are required to use the forms below. 
    • Before you turn the physical in, check to be sure all of the necessary information has been filled out (doctor's signature with correct date, insurance information and policy number, etc.) 

    Click on this link for current forms: Athletic Physical Form
                                                              School System Accident Insurance Application  

    GHSA Constitution and By-Laws

    1.41 Students must have a certificate of an annual physical examination on file at the school prior to participating in any athletic try-outs, practices or games that indicate the students are physically approved for participation.
    (a) Physical examinations will be good for twelve (12) months from the date of the exam. EXCEPTION: Any physical examination taken on or after April 1 in the preceding year will be accepted for the following GHSA school year.
    (b) The physical exam must be conducted by a licensed medical physician, doctor of Osteopathic medicine, nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant.
    (c) The exam must be signed by an M.D. or D.O., but the doctor's stamp is acceptable if it is in script, and if information appears elsewhere on the form identifying him/her as a medical doctor.(d) The GHSA requires that member schools use the latest edition of the preparticipation physical evaluation form approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics, et. al., found in the “GHSA Forms Notebook.”


Last Modified on July 27, 2022