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    8th Grade Coach: Chris Casey

    7th Grade Coach: Thomas Roche

     Basketball Coordinator: Celin Yu




  • 7th Grade Boys  

    #1  Aaron Allen

    #2  Bryan Chen

    #3  Hudson Harris

    #5  Abraham Takeyeddin

    #10  Andre Guerrero

    #11  AJ Doldo

    #12  Steven Pranpare

    #13  Brady VandenBusch

    #15  Guilherme Fernandes

    #22  Castio Foster

    #23  Evan Gramley

    #24  Kimi Rizzioli

    Manager  Edward Kim

    Manager  Davey Boggan

    Manager  Caden Earls

  • 2023-24 Schedule

    November 16th - North Forsyth MS

    (Home @ 6:00 pm)

    November 28th - Otwell MS

    (Home @ 6:00 pm)

    November 30th - Lakeside MS

    (Away @ 5:30 pm)

    December 6th - Hendricks MS

    (Home @ 5:30 pm)

    December 7th - South Forsyth MS

    (Away @ 5:30 pm)

    December 12th - DeSana MS

    (Home @ 6:00 pm)

    December 14th - Piney Grove MS

    (Away @ 5:30 pm)

    January 4th - Vickery Creek MS

    (Home @ 5:30 pm)

    January 10th - Little Mill MS

    (Away @ 6:00 pm)

    January 11th - Liberty MS

    (Away @ 5:30 pm)

    January 16th - 20th:

    7th Grade Tournament

    January 23rd - 27th:

    8th Grade Tournament



  • 8th Grade Boys 

    #1  Bill Zhou

    #2  Mac Newton

    #4  Sam Mattis

    #5  Dalton Sun

    #10  Joel Shen

    #11  Miles Harden

    #12  Kaden Mayfield

    #14  Vaiby Nair

    #15  Andrew Britton

    #21  Dhairya Patel

    #22  L.J. Byrd

    #23  Kallen Smith

    Manager  River Efjen

    Manager  Kaden Davidson

    Manager  Nathaniel Hieber


  • Ticket Sales

    Tickets are $5.00 for ALL spectators

    Children 5 and under are FREE

    Ticket sales are done ONLINE or CASH in person this year. 




    Student Behavior at Athletic Events:
    Students who attend athletic events will be accountable to RMS school rules. Parents or guardians will be asked to pick up student if school rules are broken. 



    On behalf of all the players, coaches, and families, thank you to all of the sponsors for their generous support.


    Delta System & Software Inc. 


    Flow Inspirations 

    Global Technology & Services Inc., DBA BizTek Innovations 

    Hope Primary Care and Dentistry 

    Muses Cabinets 

    Peachtree Pediatric Urgent Care 

    TC Builder Supply Inc. 

    William and Wilson Group Inc. 

    Yeppa & Co.