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    Morning workouts are BACK! The RMS football coaches are hosting morning workouts starting FRIDAY February 24th. Doors will open at 6:30am. While these workouts are geared toward preparing for football- we invite any and all athletes that want to get better to come join us. This is open to all current 6th and 7th grade students. Please sign up using the below google form and then print the linked permission form and return to Coach Sudderth PRIOR to 2/24. No form- No work out. Doors will lock at 7:00am sharp and coaches will be in the gym with athletes providing instruction. Plan to arrive 5- 10 minutes early ATLEAST. If you are planning on trying out for football in the spring it is STRONGLY encourage that you come to all morning workouts! We are very excited for you to come in and learn what it means to ATTACK THE DAY! Additional information will be emailed out to those families that sign up prior to workouts starting.


    Sign Up Form


    Permission Form




    The mission of the Riverwatch Athletic Development Program is to assist our students in reaching their full academic and athletic potential by providing a safe environment where they can develop the necessary skills to perform at the highest level possible in the classroom and athletic arena.




    The RMS Athletic Development Program is available to boys and girls in all grade levels. The program is not a “weight lifting” or “body building” program.  It is a comprehensive instructional program that includes several key components of personal fitness and athleticism. 

    The physical aspects of the program include resistance training, cardiovascular endurance, speed training, agility training, and flexibility. These things not only help our students perform at a higher level, but also aid in preventing injuries, which will allow our students to remain on the competitive field of play. 

    From a mental aspect, our students learn the importance of hard work, discipline, and dedication. Each student is held accountable for not only their own work, but for that of their teammates as well. Each student is expected to be on time for all workouts, and work their hardest to get as much from his or her opportunity as possible.  Through the RMS Athletic Development Program each student learns to push themselves to improve, and to become more physically and mentally disciplined.

    The Athletic Development Program offers many benefits to our student-athletes, and the effects of these benefits can be very long lasting. Our hope is that the things our students learn from their participation in the program will help them become the best students, athletes, and people they can possibly become.




    Students will be grouped by grade, physical maturity, and gender.  All sessions will be supervised by RMS coaches to ensure the safety of all participants.  As mentioned earlier, our staff incorporates a variety of training methods to ensure that our students reach their full potential. The variety of methods includes resistance training, cardiovascular endurance, speed training, agility training, and flexibility. 

    Each participant will be evaluated through fitness testing to indicate current strength, speed, and agility levels.  Participants will set specific goals, and subsequent evaluations will take place to monitor strength and performance gains. 

    All throughout the program, the coaching staff conducts a self analysis to determine what aspects are working well, and what aspects need improvement. This is an integral part of the process that makes the RMS Program effective. The RMS Athletic Development Program is always evolving to better the program for our students and teams. This concept is the foundation of what we do.




    Proper attire will be required for all sessions which includes t-shirt, athletic shorts, and athletic shoes.  Slip-on shoes and skateboarding shoes will not be allowed.  Showers will be available and encouraged for all participants.
    The RMS Athletic Development Program will be considered a privilege and available only to those students whose academic and behavioral performance is in good standing.  Students who receive administrative discipline will be suspended from the program until the end of the quarter in which the discipline took place.  RMS instructors also reserve the right to exclude any student who does not abide by program policies and procedures.
    Please pay special attention to drop-off procedures on the permission form.  Your child will not be allowed to participate in the program if these rules are not followed.




    The coaching staff is very excited about the upcoming Athletic Development Program.  We look forward to the challenges and benefits this program will provide to our students.  We believe this program is an asset to our school and athletics programs.  Questions concerning the RMS Athletic Development Program can be directed to Coach Sudderth at bsudderth@forsyth.k12.ga.us.  Go Panthers!!!