• Our vision is to use classroom technology to engage students in asking questions and choosing tools to facilitate real world problem solving.

    Riverwatch Middle School is fortunate to offer students a 21st century classroom that includes desktop computers and a teacher notebook computer that seamlessly works with
     the collaborative classroom components of an interactive whiteboard, a ceiling mounted projector, and sound system. In addition teachers and students have access to digital cameras, video cameras, scanners, and wireless student notebooks to engage all learners. Through teacher-designed quality work, our students are being prepared for life with a large variety of instructional technology tools.

    Electronic whiteboards facilitate active learning not just passive reception of information. In situations where teachers use a whole-class approach, students are more engaged in the lesson when an interactive whiteboard is used. In addition, research shows teachers who have access to an interactive whiteboard are more likely to make creative and varied use of all the resources at their disposal (British Educational Communications and Technology Agency, 2004). Our students are consistently engaged in the learning process through authentic problem solving and design. The wealth of technology resources at Riverwatch helps transport our students beyond the experiences that have been possible in a traditional classroom.

    Educators and students have the opportunity to view educational videos over the Internet via video-on-demand services including,
    Discovery Education, Safari Video, Digital Curriculum, and BrainPop . Students and teachers throughout Riverwatch and the school system make use of GALILEO: Georgia Library Learning Online to conduct research. Please use the Classlink launch pad link or download the Forsyth County classlink app on your Apple or Android device for access to these programs on the go!