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  • The  Forsyth County Schools' Learner Profile seeks to create a clear path to success for all students. In Forsyth County, we strive to support this vision through our English/Language Arts Curriculum. Through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language instruction, students learn to become skilled communicators who read independently, think critically, write with confidence, and interact respectfully and responsibly with others. 


    To see a more detailed description of each level of a child’s education, please follow the links below.
    Georgia Standards of Excellence
    High School Course Digest 
    Competition Opportunities 
    For more information on Forsyth County Schools' English/Language Arts Curriculum please contact the following:
    Elementary English/Language Arts
    Steve Straughan 770-887-2461 ext. 202248
    Secondary English/Language Arts 
    Robin Elmore 770-887-2461 ext. 202226
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