• South Forsyth Middle School Drama

    Course Overview:

     Drama class is designed to increase students' self-confidence while inspiring students' creativity. We promote a deeper understanding of reading, writing, and speaking skills through character and script analysis. Students are encouraged to explore their understanding of human behavior through the context of drama. We promote cultural understanding while exploring different styles and periods of theatre. Students receive opportunities to enhance their skill level in acting, improvisation, and pantomime while incorporating technical elements such as scenery, props, lighting, and music.


    6th Grade: In this course, students will explore acting and improvisation. They learn the basic techniques of acting, character and voice development, presentation skills, and scriptwriting.
    7th Grade: In this course, students incorporate sensory and emotional experiences and observation techniques into presentational theatre activities. They apply vocal and movement techniques appropriate to theatre activities and presentations. The students learn beginning technical theatre skills such as lighting and staging. Students begin performing in local school productions and participate in activities and workshops to enhance drama skills. 
    8th GradeIn this course, students continue to apply ensemble skills through pantomime, improvisation, and acting. They design and create simple scenery, costume, props, lighting, sound, music, and/or makeup for dramatic presentations, using research skills as needed to gather resources. Students begin to create original scripts and adapt appropriate literature into scripted material for presentation. 

    In this course, students will actively implement concepts learned within the 9-week course. Students will perform three shows throughout the year. Classes will perform a One Act show in the Fall semester. This will be followed by a full-length production in the Spring Semester. Students will end the year with a culmination of all the skills learned to create student-directed scenes, which will be performed in May. Students will assist in  designing and creating scenery, costume, props, lighting, sound, music, and makeup for all shows.


Last Modified on April 14, 2023