Health is a 9-week connection class. Your child may or may not have health in a given year, depending on whether they have a yearlong connection class. Topics covered within the three years, 6th - 8th grade, include general wellness, nutrition, safety, personal health, social health, fitness, tobacco, alcohol and drugs. There is one health curriculum taught in all middle schools in Forsyth County. Choosing the best is the abstinence based sex education curriculum. Choosing the Best curriculum requires parent permission and offers the opportunity for parents to preview the curriculum if desired.  


    Parents are welcome to make an appointment  at the County Office to preview the materials for Choosing the Best at any time during the year. 

    Our curriculum consists of team sports combined with fitness training.  

    An SFMS Physical Education uniform (t-shirt and shorts) can be purchased for $25.00 (boys)/ $35.00 (girls) throughout the school year on schoolpay Students will have five minutes to dress for class prior to the beginning of class and five minutes to dress back in school clothes after class has ended. 

     We issue locks and lockers.  We prohibit glass bottles and aerosol cans in the locker rooms.  We do encourage the use of deodorant!  :)


    Dodgeball Tournament!

    The dodgeball tournament will be played on Friday, December 15. 

    Each grade level will play during their connection block of time. 

     7th 9:10 - 10:45

    6th 12:45 - 2:25

    8TH 2:30 - 4:00

    Concessions will be available. 

    Sign ups will be on school pay between December 11 - December 14. Cost is $3 per player.  

    6th graders have 9 players per team

    7th/8th have 7 players per team




Last Modified on November 7, 2023