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    South Forsyth Eagles

      Boys' Basketball

    2019 - 2020

    7th grade

     Lewis Godfree  

    8th grade

    Cody Godfree


    7th Grade



    Bates, Grady
    Beaty, Dyson
    Brooks, Branson
    Conley, Jett
    Gardner, Grant
    Hobson, Jacob
    McIlwain, Justin
    Rogers, Cohen (manager)
    Ross, Joe
    Schultz, Anderson
    Smith, Christian
    Vantura, Bhavith
    Wehman, Brooks


    8th Grade 



    Bayer, Tyler

    Belue, Braden
    Dopfer, Lucas
    Drilling, Chase
    Haley, Cole
    Kealler, Anderson
    Knowles, Carson
    Little, Davis
    McCallister, Connor

    Sam Millican 
    Ryan, Jack
    Timms, Graham
    West, Connor

    Yang, Matthew

    Student Behavior at Athletic Events:
    Students can stay after school for all home athletic events. Students will be monitored in the cafeteria and gym by a school employee. Students who attend athletic events will be accountable to SFMS school rules. Students should not leave campus for any reason during an event unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.  This includes going to McDonalds or Citgo.  Parents or guardians will be asked to pick up student if school rules are broken.

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