The Math Team was organized to promote the enjoyment of math and to challenge the minds of South's best mathletes.  Students participate in weekly practices, as well as on-site and travel competitions at the local, state, and national level. Math Team exposes students to many high-level math skills and problems.  This is an exciting opportunity for a student to use his/her math talent to represent our school in competition. 


     Participation in competitions is based on weekly meeting attendance, the number of participants allowed, difficulty of the tournament, try-out performance, and performance on competitions throughout the year. There is a fee associated with the Math Team.  We will meet weekly on Tuesday mornings, as well as FLEX sessions as needed. 


    Although many students are interested in math, there are limited spots. If your child is not selected, they may still participate independently in mathleague.org competitions. Students are expected to pay their own entry fee for this external math competition. 



    For more information on joining the Math Team, please email Amanda Drosopoulos 

Last Modified on August 2, 2022