• The Role of the Instructional Technology Specialist
    South Forsyth Middle School
    Our vision is to use classroom technology to engage students in asking questions and choosing tools to facilitate real world problem solving.


    The role of the Instructional Technology Specialist is wide and varied. It contains elements of both teaching and administration and consequently requires skill sets in both of these areas as well as a working knowledge of hardware and software.

    1. Serves as the conduit for planning, communicating and achieving district initiatives
    2. Serves as a liaison between the Central Office and the school administration on all technology related issues.  Joint meeting with High School ITS’s and also meets monthly with the other Middle School ITS’s.  
    3. Assists teachers in developing lessons that integrate the use of technology and provides professional development opportunities, on a regular basis, that will result in teacher and student use of technology for research, critical thinking and problem solving.  
    4. Plans, organizes and delivers Technology Professional Development classes for teachers, administrators and other staff.
    5. Delivers training to school staff:
      • TONE (Technology Orientation of New Educators)
      • Infinite Campus (student information system - including gradebook program)
      • Its Learning .  (our teachers post events, assignments, support documents used in class to deliver standards-based lessons)
      • Microsoft Office Products
      • Web 2.0 and other online support
      • Google Education Products
      • Clear Touch Interactive Panels
    6. Monitors Infinite Campus electronic gradebooks and troubleshoots gradebook issues
    7. Assists parents in using Parent Portal to monitor student progress online.
    8. Creates, maintains, and/or delegates information for school Web page(s).
    9. Facilitates communication and coordination by participating on the school's leadership team.
    10. Co-chairs the school's Media/Technology committee - this committee reviews software for possible purchase and/or recommendation, provides direction on spending of media funds for technology related items, and assists the ITS in communicating technology-related information to staff
    11. Serves as first contact for troubleshooting:
      • Maintains and troubleshoots technology equipment:
      • 90+ Clear Touch Interactive Panels
      • Over 400 chromebooks and tablets
      • Serves as helpdesk to school staff via Unity Helpdesk
      • Re-images PCs and laptops as needed
      • Check/activate network data drops
      • Swap out keyboards, mice, monitors
      • Connect network and local printers or point PCs and laptops to shared printers
      • Handles Infinite Campus electronic gradebook issues
      • Submits Technology Service Requests through Unity for problems that the ITS is unable to repair after troubleshooting
    12. Serves role in quality control for equipment in the school
    13. Assists teachers with learning basic troubleshooting skills for PCs, laptops, printers, monitors and more
    14. Provides first level network administration and management
      • setting up user accounts in the server – all teachers and students
      • clearing print queues
      • creating directories
      • copying/moving/deleting files from the server
    15. Software management
      • understanding and following software-licensing procedures
      • loading software on individual computers and laptops
    16. Organizes a management system for the chromebook carts and technology instruction areas
    17. Has knowledge of the scope and sequence of curriculum in a variety of content areas and grade levels
    18. Has knowledge of the teaching and learning challenges unique to a variety of content areas and grade levels

     Want to become an ITS?  The ideal ITS candidate:

    • Is a veteran classroom teacher
    • Has experience using a wide variety applications as a classroom teacher
    • Has experience in preparing and conducting technology-related professional development classes
    • Is innovative in the way he or she integrates technology to enhance the educational process
    • Is involved in school and/or district Media, Technology, or Software selection committees
    • Is experienced in software installation and configuration
    • Provides evidence of integrating technology resources to enhance teaching and learning, not just integrating technology for the sake of using technology
    • Has served in leadership roles within the school and/or district
    • Has dealt with basic hardware and software troubleshooting issues
    • Has demonstrated excellent problem solving skills related to hardware and software issues
Last Modified on August 29, 2023