Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher? Do you enjoy working with and mentoring children and making a significant, positive impact in their lives? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? If so, we have a great program at Forsyth Central just for you!

    In the Teacher Apprentice Program you will be an active participant in the learning process as you explore what it means to be an effective and inspiring teacher. It is imperative that you understand that learning should be fun, creative, and rigorous; therefore we practice that in our own classroom!

    The Teacher Apprentice Program consists of 3 classes that must be taken in this order:

    Examining the Teaching Profession: an introduction to the teacher apprentice program. This course is designed to engage students in creative, rigorous, hands on activities while learning how to teach. Every Friday you are out of class and in other teacher's classrooms at Forsyth Central getting experiencing in the teaching field.

    Contemporary Issues in Education: we take a look at all the issues surrounding education and use classroom discussions and debates to express our thoughts and opinions on the current education landscape.

    Teaching as a Profession Practicum/Internship:  this class is a mini-student teaching experience where you get to teach in classrooms at Cumming Elementary, Otwell Middle School, or Forsyth Central, while completing a college ready portfolio.

    *An added bonus to completing the Teaching as a Profession pathway at Forsyth Central is that many colleges/universities in Georgia will exempt you from taking the first intro to education course provided at their school.

    *Also, enough time is allowed during class for instruction and completion of activities that there is no homework.

    Check out the two videos below on how becoming a teacher you are truly making a difference in the life of a child:

     For questions concerning the Teacher Apprenticeship Program, Please contact Mr. Walkup:
    Phone: 770-887-8151 ext 110310