28 April: Field Meet
    30 April: Change of Command Ceremony
    Drill Team: The 2018-19 season complete, the 2019-20 season will begin in august with the start of the new school year. (see LE1 camp info)
    Raider Team: Conditioning is May 1 to May 22 on T, W, TH. Morning sessions are from 0630 to 0730 and afternoon sessions are from 1600-1730. These are optional, however highly recommended.
    Rifle Team: The 2018-19 season is complete, the 2019-20 season will begin in august with the start of the new school year. 

    Summer Break

    4-7 June of 2019: Parris Island Orientation Trip

            The Parris Island Orientation trip is an opportunity for 50 cadets to visit Parris Island and live as one of the recriuts going through Marine Corps Bootcamp for four days. 

    15-19 July of 2019: Returning cadet and LE-1 Camp

           All students new to the program are encouraged to attend this camp though it is not required and will not be missing any mandatory information. It serves as orientation for new cadets to get an early taste of what the program is like and also to get a first look at the teams and activities that take place throughout the school year within the program. Cadets who attend this camp earn early opportunities for promotion and recognition. All returning cadets are strongly encouraged to attend this camp to assist the rising LE-1's. Drill team camp also takes place during this camp, all cadets interested in joining drill team should also attend the drill team camp that immediately follows the LE-1 camp. Dress prepared for exercise and being outdoors (shorts, running shoes, t-shirt, sunscreen) for the first half of the day, bring additional gear for showering (towel, soap, shampoo, conditioner, extra under garments), and a change of clothes for the second half. After PT (physical training), the cadets utilize the ROTC locker rooms to bath and then eat the provided food in ROTC rooms. 

Last Modified on May 3, 2019