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    August is the best time to buy a yearbook and this week's Early Bird YBK Sale offers our lowest price of the year! Purchase your book for $85 and use the coupon code NFHSEARLYBIRD for an extra 10% off your yearbook*. This coupon code will expire Friday, August 5th. 
    Visit yearbookordercenter.com and input Job #15157 to order your book. 
    If you would like to pay in installments, there are options through the Paypal extension at checkout. The price of the yearbook will remain $85 through August and increase in September.  
    *Coupon code will expire on 8/5/2022. The 10% discount will only be applied to the price of yearbooks purchased, not accessories or senior ads. The discount will apply to multiple books in one purchase. This will be the only coupon code provided this year. 
    Families—bow’s the time to mark your calendars for important yearbook dates. Soon, we will be sharing more details about purchasing Senior Ads and our *new* Yearbook Grams. 
    Soon, you will be able to purchase your yearbooks at yearbookordercenter.com. Our lowest prices will be at the beginning of the school year, so make sure you check for early bird deals! 
    Seniors—please schedule your senior portraits before summer ends to have your name entered into our gift card raffle! More info about portraits below…