• Mission Statement
    To professionally provide students a structured, safe and encouraging environment where they have the opportunity to develop a foundation to succeed and excel both academically and socially.  We also seek to develop positive self-concepts, which will allow students to transition back to the traditional school setting as they learn to become contributing members of society.
    Our program is designed to provide educational and emotional support to students in grades 6 - 12. Students are referred to Gateway Academy  through the "tribunal process" and are here for a specific period of time. Upon completion of their program they return to their base school or pursue other educational opportunities.

    Gateway Academy is a place for learning. Programs are provided for students in middle and high school in the general academic areas. Strong instruction in math, language arts, science, and social studies is provided to all of our students. This school also meets the needs of students needing special education services.

    Students entering Gateway Academy have been excluded from the Forsyth County School system for a variety of reasons. These school exclusions range from one semester to a full year. During that school exclusion, students have the option of applying to Gateway Academy. If accepted, they must agree to all conditions of enrollment. These conditions include wearing the school uniform, random and mandatory drug testing, strict attendance policies, and a strict behavioral plan.