• Business Management & Finance Pathways
    Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Principles, or
    Principles of Accounting 
    It's always about business!
    Whether you think you will own a business in the future or not, business will play a huge part in how you live, work, plan, and relax. The Business Pathway courses offer incredible opportunities to understand the many functions of business that do/will impact you every day as at student, employee, consumer, and manager.  Whether it's managing your life or the work-life of others (when you're the boss) a solid understanding of leadership, communication, ethics, and behavior of highly successful people will improve your potential in personal and professional options as a student and adult.  If you're not sure what you want to do in life, Business Pathways are a great place to start because every topic we cover is useful in life.

    Pathway Night Presentation: Business & Finance

    If you review the Forbes list of 15 Most Valuable College Majors, you will note that several are business careers and virtually all require a thorough understanding of the business environment.
    FBLA: Follow this link for connection to real-life opportunities , competitions, and community service options http://sfhsfbla.com
    Courses include:
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