• Expectations and Policies

    • Organization
    • Daily Notes/Participation
    • On-going Assessment
    • Nightly Reading/Preparation
    • Written and Verbal Expression
    • Cooperative/Independent Work


    With the emergence of technology as a tool for learning, South Forsyth High School will be utilizing various resources to assist with instruction, including ItsLearning, online textbooks, and interactive websites.  In addition to these web based instructional tools, this course will also have a classroom set of textbooks, with the exception of the AP and IB curriculum for which each student will have their own take-home text.  Should you feel that your child would benefit from having a textbook at home in addition to the classroom textbook, please contact your child’s teacher. 

    Curriculum and Pacing

    All courses are mandated to follow the Georgia Performance Standards (individual curriculum for courses may be found here: www.georgiastandards.org. Pacing is determined by Forsyth County Schools and all other issues pertaining to the subject are discussed, evaluated and determined by departmental content area teams, the entire Social Studies department and the South Forsyth High School administration.

    Late Work Policy 

    In keeping with the premise of standards based education, all formative assessments are assigned and evaluated by the teacher in order to inform planning and instruction; therefore it is imperative that all students turn assignments in on time.  Students are allowed to turn in late assignments until the date of the summative assessment for the corresponding unit for a maximum possible score of 70%.  Any student who finds it necessary to turn in a formative assignment after that date must make individual arrangements with the teacher.  Circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.  The late work policy for summative assessments (i.e. project, research paper, etc.) will be outlined on the assignment guidelines given by the teacher when the project is assigned. 

    Re-teach & Reassess Policy

    • On-level classes: For a summative 69% and under, for maximum grade of 70%, one opportunity max per summative
    • AP Classes: No reassess possibilities, all summative exams in AP classes will be addressed by individual teachers.
    • IB Classes: No reassess possibilities; due to IB required mark-schemes, all summative exams in IB classes will be addressed by individual teachers based upon the specific subject rubrics