• South Forsyth Baseball
    Head Coach: Russ Bayer
    Assistant Coaches:  Adam Baldwin, Triston Campbell, Alex Fernandez, Thomas Reddin, Joe Stucky
     **IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS - CONTACT COACH BAYER DIRECTLY @ rbayer@forsyth.k12.ga.us   **
     - For the latest updates, see our Twitter Page :  @SoFoNation    
     *** If you have questions please email coach Bayer directly at : rbayer@forsyth.k12.ga.us
    REMINDER: OFF SEASON Base Running/Conditioning starts on Thursday 11/2/23 immediately after school on the practice fields behind the right field fence. It is recommended that all players dress appropriate for the conditions. Most players will wear their spikes for the best possible traction. We will also have the player/parent meeting that night at 7pm in the hitting facility. It is mandatory that all players who plan on trying out and 1 parent (with the exception of parents of Seniors that played 3 prior yrs in the program) need to attend). 
    Conditioning will be 11/2, 11/7,11/9, 11/14, 11/16, 11/28, 11/30,12/5 and 12/7. The week after the 7th is finals week and we will be done for the semester. Remember - all up to date physicals must be in Dragonfly prior to participating in conditioning.
    BASELINE SPORTS DEMO: Saturday 11/4/23 from 10am-2pm in the hitting facility. Come swing all the new 2024 BBCORS and USSA bats on the market. Baseline Sports (On Ronald Reagan Rd and Old Atlanta) will have all their 2024 models at the facility for you to try in our cages - unlike Better Baseball, you will be able to hit live baseballs and try all the new bats. We will have High School BBCORS and all youth USSA bats at a discounted rate! This is open to the public, all people in the community welcome!
       All bats and items at the demo will be able to be purchased AND all players involved in cards sales can earn free bats and equipment that you will see at the demo!
    All parents of players who will be trying out for the 2024 Spring Season that WERE NOT in the program last year, we will have an informational meeting for all parents at 7pm on 9/19/23 in the War Eagle Cafe. This meeting is to answer questions for parents. Players do not need to attend.
    Tryout Information - 2024 SEASON:
     The spring 2024 War Eagle Baseball season is just around the corner! The 1st official day of tryouts is Jan 15th and will continue to at least Wednesday 1/17/24. We will potentially have a primary cut on 1/16 and final cuts will be made on 1/17 OR 1/18 WEATHER PENDING.  If there is bad weather the tryout process could be made as long as needed to thoroughly evaluate all players beyond Wednesday 1/17. All players must have a current up to date physical on file (through Dragonfly software - see the home page of our athletic website)

    DragonFly Physical Info link:  https://www.forsyth.k12.ga.us/Page/22469

    Dragonfly sign offs on entered physicals will be done on 1/11/24. If a player does not have a physical entered into dragonfly and is signed off on/complete by midnight of 1/11/24 they will not be able to try out on day 1!

    **If you played a fall or winter sport for South it is already on file you should be all set...

    Day #1 of tryouts: be in proper baseball attire (hat, baseball pants, spikes, sleeves and a glove). Please dress for outdoor conditions - although you will definitely spend time in the indoor hitting facility. All players must be in long sleeves, baseball pants, a hat and have a pair of gym shoes (no spikes in the hitting facility but spikes are needed for outside use) as well for use in the hitting facility. All physicals are due in before tryouts to ensure it is properly filed and reflected in the school's database. If it is turned in on Friday the 6th please bring a photo - copy of it with you to tryouts as it may not be reflected in the dragonfly database and thus we can't allow you to try out without one. 

    There is no school on 1/15 (MLK Day) but we will have TRYOUTS. WEATHER WILL DICTATE THE OFFICIAL START TIME - OF WHICH WILL BE UPDATED ON THIS PAGE BY 1/1/24 . BELOW ARE THE TENTATIVE start times  - but are subject ot change if the weather gets bad. As of now (8/10/23) the start times are as follows:

    -Varsity Tryouts/Evals (all juniors, seniors and players with former Varsity experience)

    1/15/24 - vARSITY Check in time (ALL jR'S AND sENIORS OR ANYONE INVITED BY COACH BAYER): 11:55  Stretch/Start: 12:15

    Sub Varsity (all underclassmen)

    Check in: 2:00   Start/Stretch: 2:20

    End Time will APPROX FOR JV 4:30 PM  however we need to make sure we see everyone on day #1

      you will tryout the following day after your season ends even if it is mid week. Be prepared to hit the ground running as we will be in full season mode. As of now, sub varsity basketball and wrestling will be done by EARLY FEB - i.e THE VERY NEXT DAY after it ends will be your first day of tryouts.

    For questions contact Head Baseball Coach: Russ Bayer rbayer@forsyth.k12.ga.us


    CLEATS: Some players ask if we do a team spike - we do not. Our rules regarding spikes are as follows:

    -They need to be a school color (black, royal blue, white or gray - any of those are fine)

    NO MIDTOPS OR HIGH TOPS ALLOWED. All cleats must be a low top. Mids and highs are limited in range of motion and the risk of knee injuries of baseball players in mids and highs are prevalent. 


    If you have questions contact Coach Bayer at: rbayer@forsyth.k12.ga.us or the SFHS Dugout club at: SFHSDugoutclub@gmail.com
    2024 Tryouts will begin on Jan 15th at War Eagle Field. Please dress appropriately for the elements - FULL baseball attire is required: Hat, baseball pants, cap and spikes are needed along with a pair of turf or gym shoes for the hitting facility. YOU MUST have a current physical on file in DRAGONFLY with the school to tryout and all players must have passed at least 5 out of 7 classes to be eligible. Physicals must be turned in to the main office and not directly to Coach Bayer.

    2024 season will be the 14th season the NHSA and GHSA mandates that -3 BBCOR certified bats must be used. Orders for BBCOR bats and team cleats can be purchased through Coach Bayer at a discount rate if interested. Players will not be allowed to use BESR bats at try-outs or a -5.... if you have questions regarding tryouts or the bat standards please see Coach Bayer in the Blue Gym or his classroom 505 in the Blue Gym Lobby.