Competitive Cheerleading
    Head Coach: Stacey Schmuhl  sschmuhl@forsyth.k12.ga.us
    Assistant Coaches: Lyndsey Phelps
    JV Competition: Lyndi McCloud


    Varsity Competition 2024  
    Lyla Boleware
    Shea Cheek
    Lizzie Crane
    Lizzy Gaffney
    Chloe Handshumacher
    McKenzie Heath
    Ellie Heglin
    Reilly Hill
    Addison Litzinger
    Madison Malave
    Emma Mason
    Dania Nacy
    Layla Newbold
    Amanda Ricci
    Jackson Schmuhl
    Rylie Shull
    Emma Smith
    Ella Yu


    Congratulations to the Varsity Competition Cheer Team - GHSA AAAAAAA BACK-TO-BACK STATE CHEERLEADING CHAMPIONS - 2021!


     Congratulations to the Varsity Competition Cheer Team - GHSA AAAAAAA STATE CHEERLEADING CHAMPIONS - 2021!

    State Champs

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    2023 AAAAAAA 4th in the State
    2023 6-AAAAAAA Runner Up
    2022 AAAAAAA 5th in the State
    2022 Region 6-AAAAAAA Runner-Up
    2022 GCCA All-State Cheerleader of the Year (Runner-Up) - Kyli Avery
    2021 AAAAAAA STATE CHAMPIONS (2021-2022)
    2021 Region 6-AAAAAAA Runner Up (2021-2022)
    2021 AAAAAAA STATE CHAMPIONS (2020-2021)
    2021 AAAAAAA Sectionals Champions (2020-2021)
    2021 Region 6-AAAAAAA Champions (2020-2021)
    2020 GCCA All-State Cheerleader of the Year (5A-7A) - Kendall Stephens
    2019 AAAAAAA State Runner Up
    2019 Region 5-AAAAAAA Champions
    2018 AAAAAAA State Runner Up
    2018 AAAAAAA Sectionals Champions
    2017 AAAAAAA Sectionals Champions
    2017  GCCA All-State Cheerleader of the Year - Madi Brock
    2016 AAAAAAA State Runner Up
    2016 Region 5-AAAAAAA Champions
    2016  GCCA Coach of the Year - Shayla Brawner 
    2015  AAAAAA State Runner Up
    2015  Region 6-AAAAAA Champions
    2014  AAAAAA 13th in the State
    2014  AAAAAA Sectionals Champions
    2014  Region 6-AAAAAA Runner Up 
    2013  GCCA All-State Cheerleader of the Year - Macy Sarver
    2013  AAAAAA 9th in the State
    2013  Region 6-AAAAAA Champions 
    2012  GCCA All-State Team of the Year
    2011  AAAA   12th in the State
    2010  AAAA   3rd in the State
    2009  AAAAA 5th in the State
    2009  Region 7-AAAAA Runner Up 
    2008  AAAAA 3rd in the State
    2007  AAAAA 5th in the State
    2006  AAAAA 3rd in the State
    2005  AAAAA 13th in the State
    2004  AAAAA STATE Runner Up
    2000  AA       STATE CHAMPIONS
    1999  AA       STATE CHAMPIONS
    1998  AA       STATE CHAMPIONS
    1997  AA       STATE CHAMPIONS



    Host School




    The mission of South Forsyth Cheerleading is to promote unity in the community, school, and program, by embracing a family environment with constant encouragement and respect while representing SFHS with excellence and class.