Faculty Advisor:
          Brian Fahey
    What is Mock Trial?
    Since 1988, teams from many of Georgia's public and private high schools have participated in the Georgia High School Mock Trial Competition. Coached by volunteer attorneys and teachers, teams of 12 students work together to prepare their presentations from case materials provided by the High School Mock Trial Committee.  We will also have additional students who serve as understudies should our competing members not be able to compete for some reason.

    In the competition phase, students play the roles of attorneys and witnesses based on the evidence and witness statements. Professional attorneys or judges serve as the presiding judges and juror/evaluators. Teams are evaluated on their ability to make a logical, cohesive and persuasive presentation, rather than on the legal merits of the case.

    Adding to the authenticity of the competition, teams compete in actual courtrooms across the state beginning with the regional competitions. The top three teams from Region advance to District.  Two teams from District then advance to state to compete for the state title and a chance to advance to the National High School Mock Trial Championship.

    In addition to the statewide competition, the Mock Trial Program oversees the annual Law Academy and the Craig Harding Memorial Court Artist Contest, both designed to increase students' understanding of and appreciation for the law, court procedures and the legal system.
    For the past three years the Mock Trial team has made it to the State Competition level.  We are looking to continue with that level of excellence this year.  
    This year the first preliminary meeting will be held in room 1429 on Thursday, August 31st from 4 - 4:45.  Anybody who is interested in trying out should attend this meeting.