• SFHS Engineering Co-Curricular Programs

    2019-2020 Sponsors:  
    Tom Wickson (twickson@forsyth.k12.ga.us)
     Lidan Zhou (lzhou@forsyth.k12.ga.us)
    South Forsyth High School TSA:  South Forsyth High School is a member chapter of the Georgia Technology Student Association.  Students will have the opportunity to serve as leaders at the local school level and potentially can run for leadership offices at the state level of Georgia TSA.  SFHS TSA competes in all 39 State Level competitions.  In 2016-17 SFHS was awarded the Outstanding Chapter Award for winning 1st place overall at the TSA State Leadership Conference in Athens, GA.  SFHS TSA Chapter was a 100% chapter for attending all four TSA Conferences; CORE, Tech Day, Fall Leadership/LEADERCON, and the State Leadership Conference.  In addition SFHS attended the National TSA Conference in Orlando, Florida, in June bringing home 5 top 10 finalists and 2nd place for Computer Integrated Manufacturing.  If your student would like to be a part of SFHS TSA please have them see Mr. Hodges in room 118, or call SFHS at 770-781-2264 ext. 100118 to talk with Mr. Wickson or email Mr.Wickson at twickson@forsyth.k12.ga.us .
                Georgia TSA Outstanding Chapter 2016-17                                       CORE SFHS Officer Team
     Geogia TSA Outstanding Chapter 2016-17                       CORE SFHS Officer Team 2016-17
    South Forsyth High School VEX Robotics:  South Forsyth High School had a very successful VEX robotics season.  SFHS VEX Team Numbers 1961A, 1961K, 1961N, 1961U, 1961X, and 1961F combined to win 27 trophies across the state in the 2017-18 VEX Robotics Season.  Teams 1961K, 1961N, 1961U, and 1961X were all in the finals match in the Georgia State VEX Tournament with 1961U and 1961 X becoming State Championts.  1961K and 1961N were state runner-ups.  All four teams qualified for the VEX World Championship Tournament in Louisville, Kentucky.   The teams will compete at the following tournaments:
     VEX @ GSMST  
                                VEX @ GSMST
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