Sponsor: Ms. Daklouche, room 641
    First meeting is September 5 from 3:45-4:15 p.m.
     Sample service activities to benefit the community and national causes: 
          -Adopt a Highway campaign - keeping roadways clean work in conjunction with Rotarians
          -Trick or Canning - collecting canned goods for those in need 
          -Volunteering work - local hospitals, retirement communities, etc.
          -Participating in fund raising activities (car washes, etc)
     Sample leadership opportunities: 
          -Attending the Rotary leadership workshop
          -Taking part in UGA Day                                                 
          -Heading up fundraisers and service activities
          -Participating in the District Leadership Banquet
    Come get involved in a VERY active club which will build character, leadership skills, and college resumes!