NHS Emblem
    President: Gracie Englund
    Vice President: Ariana Wang
    Secretary: Sweta Munagapati & Cami O'Day
    Service Project Manager:  Anushka Baghad
    Mentor Me Coordinator: Shruthi Mohana Sundaram
    SOFO Academy Coordinator: Kaushika Mohan
    Meals By Grace Coordinator: Max Phillips
    Keep Forsyth Beautiful Coordinator: Vaishnavi Duvvuri
    SAAFT Coordinator: Sai Sanjana Prakash
     NHS Sponsor 2019-20:  Mr. Kevin S Denney
    Meeting Date:  First Wednesday of every Month, 7:45-8:15 in P.A.C.
    September Meeting to be held before school in Media Center OR after school in Cafeteria.  You must attend one or the other, not both

    Invitation and induction of new members for the 2019-20 school year will take place in September & October of 2019.  Dual Enrollment students your invitations will be mailed to you. We will again look at student cummulative GPA/grades in July of 2019 to issue invitations to potential candidates in August or September of the 2019-2020 school year.  See below for details.


    NHS Selection Process:
    To be eligible for the South Forsyth High School chapter of the National Honor Society, a student must first meet the scholarship level of attaining a 3.8000 GPA at the end of the 10th grade year OR at the beginning of their senior year.  If that student qualifies, he/she will receive a Candidate Survey Form to fill out and return.  DO NOT ASSUME that HAVING A GPA of 3.8000+ AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFIES YOU FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY.  There are 3 other pillars required for membership selection in the National Honor Society.  The survey form asks that the student list activities both in school and in the community that demonstrate their character, and to list ways the student has demonstrated both leadership and service.  The purpose of this form is for the student to communicate how he/she meets the additional service, leadership, and the character criteria that the National Honor Society wants students to demonstrate.  The student's form is then evaluated by the Faculty Council of the SFHS chapter of NHS, and if they are indeed qualified, the student is then invited to membership.  This form must be returned by the deadline, as forms received after the deadline will not be reviewed for membership. Incomplete or partial submissions will also not be reviewed.  
    If students are accepted by a majority of the Faculty Council, they will be invited to join the membership.  This "tapping" process will take place sometime in late September or early October of each year.  
    We hope to begin the process for new members in late August/early September of 2019 with the delivery of a survey and an invitation to an informational meeting for prospective new members.  "Tapping" and Induction of the final selections will be in October.  

    The students also may have a second chance at the conclusion of their 11th grade year to meet the same criteria, at which time the above procedure is repeated.

    New Member Steps for the 2019-2020 School Year:
    1st - Students with 3.8000+ Cummulative GPA will receive a letter in Instructional Flex on Wednesday, August 21st notifying them of their potential NHS candidacy. 
    2nd - Students receiving the above letter MUST attend an informational session to receive their access code for the survey.  If the student does not attend and sign in to the meeting in person, they are considered to not be actively pursuing membership and any survey they submit will not be accepted.  Meetings will be held at two separate times to accommodate student schedule need:
    Information Meeting #1 (date TBD) 7:45 a.m. in Blue Gym
    Information Meeting #2 (date TBD) 3:55 p.m. in Projector end of War Eagle Dining Hall
    3rd - Students complete the Survey and submit it electronically no later than Friday, August 30th at 4PM
    4th - Submitted surveys will be read and voted on by the five member Faculty Council.  Three YES votes are required for acceptance into the National Honor Society.
    5th - Newly selected members will be "Tapped" sometime the week of September 16th - September 20th
    6th - Appeals by Non-selected students must be submitted in writing to the Advisor no later than Friday, September 20th
    7th - Official Induction Ceremony will be held one evening in early October (Date to be determined)
    NHS Meetings:
    NHS meeting dates are now set. Meetings will be held in most cases the first Wednesday morning of each school month in the Performing Arts Center from 8:00 - 8:15.  Attendance at meetings is considered a mandatory part of membership responsibilities.
    All information for inducted members will be posted in ITSLearning.  It is the responsibility of each member to regularly check ITSLearning for announcements, calendar dates, and project discussions.  Failure to check ITSLearning is not an acceptable excuse for not meeting attendance and service requirements.
    A Note to Dual Enrollment Students:
    Dual Enrollment is a choice and an option.  It may potentially conflict with a students ability to make it to NHS Monthly meetings.  By the constitution and charter SFHS holds with the National Honor Society, attendence at NHS meetings is a mandatory requirement.  If students are in a college course at our normal first Wednesday of the month meeting times, this qualifies for an "excused absence", but that absence MUST be replaced by an alternate 1 hour of additional community service.  The faculty and administration at South High understand that this is a difficult choice but it is indeed a choice for the student to make.  Life often forces choices between things we love and want to do.  It is possible to be a Dual Enrollment student at SFHS and still be a member of our National Honor Society, but that will require students to potentially meet the additional service requirements that go with that choice.  
Last Modified on August 13, 2019