• WFHS  HOPE Scholarship/Zell Miller Scholarship Information

     HOPE Scholarship Requirements
    • Graduate from HOPE-eligible school.
    • Register with Selective Service (males only).
    • Meet Gerogia residency requirements.
    • 3.0 CORE GPA (academic courses only).
    • AP quality points (only 0.5 given for AP, nothing above a 4.0).
    • RIGOR requirement - Must have FOUR rigor courses.
      • Rigor courses are listed HERE.
    • Middle School credit is not calculated into HOPE GPA.
    • All calculations are done by Georgia Student Finance Commission, not by WFHS or Forsyth County Schools System.
    • HOPE GPA is NOT rounded up, so 2.99 would NOT qualify.



    Zell Miller Scholarship Requirements

    • Must meet all requirements of HOPE Scholarship plus:
      • CORE GPA of 3.70.
      • 1200 SAT (CR + Ma) on single test administration or 26 composite on ACT.
      • RIGOR Requirement - Must have FOUR rigor courses (see list above)
    In order to qualify for the Zell Miller, students must request their official SAT/ACT scores be sent. They can request SAT scores be sent using the GSFC code of 0472. However, ACT will only send scores to colleges and universities (GSFC was not aware of this) and students will have to request an official copy be mailed to them and then forward that sealed copy to GSFC. Here's the instructions GSFC gave us:
    • Have the sealed copy sent to you from ACT, and forward it to the attention of the Program Administration at the address listed below.
    • You can put the sealed envelope in a larger envelope with a short note or letter with contact information for you and a short sentence explaining why you are sending the ACT record.

    Georgia Student Finance Commission
    2082 East Exchange Place
    Tucker, GA 30084 


    All English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language credits attempted are counted.
    • Overall GPA must be a 3.0 for College Prep diploma and a 3.2 for Career Tech diploma and a 3.0 for the One Diploma Type for students entering High School beginning in 2008.
    • An AP grade is converted to a 4.0 scale, and then has a uniform weight of 0.5 added back to the converted grade.
    • However, 4.0 is a maximum. If a student earns an “A” on his/her transcript in an AP Course, it is converted to a 4.0, not a 4.5
    • HOPE GPA's are not rounded up. A 2.99999 is not eligible.
    • HOPE does not count courses taken in Middle School.


    To compute GPA's:
    • A 90 and above = 4.0
    • B 80-89 = 3.0
    • C 70-79 = 2.0
    • F 69 and below = 0
    For more information, please visit the Georgia Futures website.
    To view your HOPE Initial Eligibility and transcript:
    1. Log on or create an account if necessary
    2. Complete next screen with your social security number and date of birth. Go to next screen.
    3. Select the first letter of your high school name.
    4. Select high school name. You will be able to view any information we have available on your high school HOPE GPA. Your information will only be available once the Forsyth County BOE has reported your transcript data and verified your GPA calculation.


Last Modified on March 24, 2023