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    Application Procedures


    In order to apply for admission to Forsyth Academy, students must be currently enrolled in one of the base high schools in Forsyth County. Students should complete the online application and communicate your interest in applying to Forsyth Acdemy with your base school counselor. The base school counselor will complete a recommendation and the completed application will be reviewed by staff at Forsyth Academy. Once application has been reviewed, the student and parents will be contacted.  Please click here to view our Forsyth Academy orientation before applying.

    Please click HERE for the Forsyth Academy Application

    When applications have been received and reviewed by the Forsyth Academy administration, the student will be notified regarding acceptance to the Academy. 

    If accepted, students and at least one parent are required to attend an Orientation.  Orientations will be held as needed each week in order to allow students to enter and attend Forsyth Academy throughout the school year.  Failure to attend orientation will result in the student's enrollment being postponed until orientation is completed.



Last Modified on August 24, 2022