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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a non-traditional high school?

    The non-traditional high school creates a businesslike learning environment where students can complete assignments using online, computer based curriculum with the assistance of learning facilitators. The non-traditional high school also utilizes project based learning, service learning, job shadowing, internships, mentoring, and dual enrollment with technical and four-year colleges.

    Why create a non-traditional high school?

    Georgia has one of the highest dropout rates in the country. Non-traditional high schools were created to help reduce this dropout rate by reaching those students in the dropout pipeline. The non-traditional high school uses a caring philosophy to build a learning environment where students are challenged to meet their social and academic goals.

    Who does the non-traditional high school serve?

    The non-traditional high school serves high school students who are not succeeding in the traditional school setting or those who wish to accelerate their learning and graduate early.

    Is the non-traditional high school part of the regular public school system?

    Yes. The non-traditional high school enrolls students who are referred from the regular public school system.

    Are there any restrictions for applying to the Academy?

    Yes.  All students that attend the Academy must be residents of Forsyth County, have attempted at least one year at a traditional high school.

    Is there any cost to attend the Academy?

    No.  The Academy is a school within the Forsyth County School System and therefore, there is no charge to attend the school.  Any student that dual enrolls with Lanier Technical College may use the HOPE grant to pay for their tuition or may pay for the tuition out of pocket.

    How long does it take to graduate from a non-traditional high school?

    The time it takes to graduate from a non-traditional high school depends on the number of credits a student needs and the motivation of the student. A seat-time waiver from the Department of Education allows students to work at their own pace, first making up classes they’ve failed before moving on to additional coursework.

    The non-traditional high school offers credit-deficient students a way to obtain credits without losing additional time.

    Do non-traditional high school students adhere to the same academic and graduating requirements expected of ALL Georgia high school students?

    Yes. Students must take the same state required classes and meet the same graduation requirements as students attending a traditional school


    What type of online curriculum does the non-traditional high school use?

    An online courseware serves as the main portion of the Academy's curriculum.  The interactive curriculum is aligned to Georgia Performance and Common Core Standards. This curriculum is supplemented with offline assignments and projects that help create additional rigor and relevancy in the curriculum.

    Does the non-traditional high school offer electives?

    Forsyth Academy offers a limited number of electives, but students can also earn elective or technical credit through the Dual Enrollment program with Lanier Technical College.

    Does the non-traditional high school offer extracurricular activities?

    There will be no extracurricular activities at Forsyth Academy but beginning in the fall of 2013 students attending Forsyth Academy will be able to participate in extracurricular activities at their base school if they meet the requirements established by the school and/or the Georgia High School Association.

    How does a student enroll in the non-traditional high school?

    Students and parents must complete an Application for Admission and then meet with a counselor at the student's base school to complete the Application Packet.  Application packets can be picked up from the counseling office of the student's home school, can be printed from this website, may be mailed to the parent / student, or may be picked up at the Academy.  There are posted deadlines for the applications to be returned for particular admission dates.  Prior to acceptance, each student's Application will be reviewed by the Forsyth Academy Administration.  Students will be contacted upon acceptance.


    What else differs from the regular Forsyth County high schools?

    No transportation is provided to students of Forsyth Academy.

    Classes are held from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.  Students will be scheduled to attend classes during this time period.  Forsyth Academy attempts to meet student needs for a flexible schedule.  Regular classes are not scheduled on Fridays.

    Students have 30 minutes for lunch and Forsyth Academy will operate as an open campus.


Last Modified on July 25, 2016