Teacher Contact Information
  • Social Studies Teacher Contact Information

    To contact any of Piney Grove's Social Studies teachers, click on the teacher's name to activate the e-mail address or call 678-965-5010 and enter the teacher's phone extension.

    6th Grade Social Studies 
     Cody Garrett       extension 381137  
    Candice Fingerle       extension 381124
                  Ben West                 extension 381113    
    7th Grade Social Studies 
       Staci Gibson            extension 382138  
    Heather Karschner  extension 382141
    David Walden          extension 382133
    8th Grade Social Studies 
    Casey Bellagamba        extension  382246  
    Amy Daise                 extension 382208
    Vince Wynn                extension  382220

Last Modified on August 15, 2023