• Longhorns  LHS Student / Club Awards

    Georgia Laws of Life Winners 
    Congratulations to Christina Sun, who earned 3rd Runner-Up in the state of Georgia for the Rotary Club's Laws of Life Essay content! She will also receive a $300 award!  

     2017 Shuler Hensley Georgia High School Musical Theatre Awards

    James and the Giant Peach
    Choreography – Ms. Carly Berg – Nomination
    Broadway Dreams Foundation Summer Intensive Scholarship Recipient – Dean McKenzie
    Direction – Ms. Carly Berg – Honorable Mention
    Ensemble - Honorable Mention
    Technical Execution – Alden Kennedy – Honorable Mention
    Overall Production – Honorable Mention 

      Lambert Drumline Global Ranking!

    The Lambert Drumline is currently ranked 10th in the WORLD! See here: http://wgirankings.com

    This is an ongoing competition that will conclude in Dayton, Ohio 4/21, and currently the Drumline is seeded 10th place. This is a huge accomplishment by our students, parents, and staff! Congratulations to all! 

    LHS Laws of Life Winners

    9th Grade Winner   

    Julia Chang

    Honorable Mentions

    Alessandra Tatay, Amanda Stovall, Laura VanSickle, Rahul Ravihdranathan

    10th Grade Winner

    Ivathan Jung

    Honorable Mentions

    Kara Holberg, Snigdha Kosuri, Claire Lagvalte, Sean Toole

    11th Grade Winner

    Margarita Salazar

    Honorable Mentions

    Madeline Bertz, Chen Lin, Himani Yadav

    12th Grade Winner

    Christina Sun

    Honorable Mentions

    Natasha Ramaswamy, Stephanie Tian, Arjun N Bhatt, Claudia Pinou

     Chemistry Olympiad
    Congratulations to Kevin Li, an Honors Chemistry student this year, for being only second qualifier in school history for the Chemistry Olympiad! 

     Young Georgia Authors' Competition for Forsyth County
    11th grade: Carson Tufts
    12th grade: Chase Malinowski 

    Scholastic Art National Medalists

    Silver Medal:
    Jessica Chung- Painting
    Ann Ding- Drawing
    June Lee (2) Drawing and Painting
    Michelle Park- Drawing

    Gold Medal:
    Odelia Huang- Drawing
    June Lee- Mixed Media
    Tiffany Weng- Drawing

    The gold medalists will be invited to attend the national awards ceremony and art workshops weekend in New York City this summer. 

      Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 
    Congratulations to The Lambert Post staff writers Ansley Mitchell and Zain Hyath for earning silver medals in the journalism category from Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. See all the fabulous work by our journalism program atwww.thelambertpost.com. 

    Georgia FBLA State Leadership Competition 

    Lambert FBLA received Gold Chapter – Superior rating and was awarded 2nd Place for Chapter of the Year.  

    Mrs. Jager was awarded New Adviser of the Year!

    We also received Largest Local Chapter ever in the history of Georgia FBLA with 519 members!

    Please also join us in congratulating the following students who placed and earned 32 medals at the state level.  

    1st Place in E-business: 
    Sudeep Annem
    Abhideep Budda

    2nd Place in Accounting II: 
    Stuart Reese

    2nd Place in Agribusiness: 
    Maggie Baxter

    2nd Place in Business Law: 
    D J Barber

    2nd Place in Future Business Leader: 
    Royce Dickerson

    2nd Management Decision Making: 
    Royce Dickerson
    Sai Kilaru
    Sayuj Shajith

    2nd Place in Networking Concepts: 
    Hunter Lee

    3rd Place in Accounting II:
    Molly Williams

    3rd Place in Agribusiness:
    Lucia Morris

    3rd Place in Healthcare Administration:
    Nicole Mistry

    3rd Place in Management Information Systems:
    Allen Seo
    Darren Yu – individual (7th)

    4th Place in Business Law:
    Andrew Hama

    4th Place in Computer Problem Solving:
    Hunter Lee

    5th Place in Business Plan:
    Justin Ahn
    Mehul Kumar
    Nikhil Reddy

     5th Place in Entrepreneurship:
    D J Barber (super team)

    6th Place in Management Decision Making:
    Jordan Baker – individual qualifier
    Ishaan Bhasin

    7th Place in Intro to Business Procedures:
    Corbin Fricker

    7th Place in Management Decision Making:
    Katie Anderson
    Maxwell Kimble

    8th Place in Accounting II:
    Carina Hernandez

    9th Place in Accounting I:
    Ben Spitzer

     10th Banking & Financial Systems:
    Sheza Chaudhry – individual qualifier
    Esha Patra – individual qualifier

    10th Intro to Business Communication:
    Erin Kim 

     Science Olympiad
    On a beautiful Saturday in March, our students competed at our regional tournament at the University of Georgia and brought home numerous medals and ribbons! Out of the 20 events that we competed in we brought home a top ten ranking in 19 out of 20 events! These kids did an incredible job! This year’s regional team was made up of the following students:

    Neha Balachandran
    Nithik Balachandran
    Sadhana Durbha
    Janani Guru
    William Hao
    Joan Hong
    James Hyun
    Chris Jackson
    Joel Joseprabu
    Yumi Kim
    Anchal Kumar

    Prem Kurumpanai
    Swapnil Lad
    Becky Lee
    Saketh Medicherla
    Snigdha Nellutla
    Maya Patel
    Atithi Patel
    Gouri Rajesh
    Keshav Raviprakash
    Tanya Roy
    Mehnaz Ruksana
    Ananya Terala
    Gowrav Thota
    Steven Zhang
    Max Zhao

    Atlanta High School Art Exhibition 2017:

    Rina Yoo - Invisible Barrier - 2nd Place
    Emily Zhang - Mahjong Players - Honorable Mention
    June Lee - Alter Ego- Honorable Mention

    State DECA Competition 

    Congratulations to the 47 students who placed at the Georgia DECA State Career Development Conference this past weekend! These students will advance to the International Career Development Conference in Anaheim, CA, at the end of April. Lambert DECA was recognized as being the 3rd largest chapter in the state with 521 members! Also, Natalie Kandul was elected as the Vice President of Marketing for the 2017-2018 State Action Team!

     1st Place
    Keller Boston – Business Speech
    Keller Boston - Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling (Test & Presentation)
    Grace Kim & Diellza Koraqi – Financial Literacy Promotion Project (Manual)
    Tara Velappan - Franchise Business Plan (Manual)

    2nd Place
    Sofia Cenciarelli, Katie O'Donnell & Caroline Yates – Creative Marketing Project (Manual)
    Fallon Jones & Delaney Kellum – Buying & Merchandising Operations Research (Manual)
    Kate Winters – Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research (Manual)
    Lucia Morris – Business Growth Plan (Manual)

    3rd Place
    Royce Dickerson - Apparel & Accessories Marketing (Test & Role Play)
    Lucia Morris - Business Services Marketing (Test & Role Play)
    Kate Winters - Marketing Communications (Test & Role Play)

    4th Place
    Lauren Lacock & Paulina Molina – International Business Plan (Manual)
    Shelby Rumer – Professional Selling (Test & Presentation)
    Kylie Middleton & Caroline Mulac – Business Services Operations Research (Manual)
    Sheza Chaudhry – Principles of Finance (Test & Role Play)
    Lauren Armao - Advertising Services Testing (Test Only)

    5th Place
    Ari Vlajk – Quick Serve Restaurant Management (Test & Role Play)
    Lindsay Caviness & Hope Moreland – Independent Business Plan (Manual)
    Laura Hancher & Ari Vlajk – Community Service Project (Manual)
    Natalie Kandul, Kaitlyn Lauria & McLain Meriam - Buying & Merchandising Operations Research (Manual)
    Laura Hancher - Marketing Math Testing (Test Only)
    Nilesh Manivannan - Marketing Math Testing (Test Only)

    6th Place
    Chase Malinowski – Business Finance (Test & Role Play)
    Ashli Byfield – Start Up Business Plan (Manual)
    Emily Bell, Kaitlyn Matthews & Cailin Van Horn – Buying & Merchandising Operations Research (Manual)
    Jamie Chavez, Susanna DiPietro & Elizabeth Kim – Civic Consciousness 
    Naomi Chen, Maya Cunningham & Lindsay Walker - Finance Operations Research (Manual)
    Joe Sweeney - Public Relations Project (Manual)
    Ali Braithwaite & Mattie Skillman - Learn & Earn Project (Manual)
    Kate Winters - Buying & Merchandising Testing (Test Only)

    7th Place
    Brynne Borner & Ellie Walter - Entrepreneurship Promotion Project (Manual)
    Ashley Veal, Lindsey Wood & Mackenzie Zimmerman - Financial Literacy Promotion Project (Manual)
    Hayley Gundlach - Financial Consulting (Test & Presentation)

    Region DECA Competition

    1st Place:
    Lucia Morris – Business Services Marketing
    Michael Buckner – Principles of Finance

    2nd Place:
    Laura Hancher – Accounting Applications Series
    McLain Meriam – Automotive Services Marketing
    Chase Malinowski – Business Finance
    Keller Boston – Business Speech
    Kate Winters – Marketing Communications
    Sheza Chaudhry – Principles of Finance
    Megan Cote - Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

    3rd Place:
    Ari Vlajk – Quick Serve Restaurant Management

     4th Place:
    Royce Dickerson - Apparel and Accessories Marketing

     5th Place:
    Shivika Kandhal - Automotive Services Marketing
    Alec Fiechter - Food Marketing Series
    Sofia Cenciarelli - Hotel and Lodging Management
    Naomi Chen - Restaurant and Food Service Management
    Olivia Ladd - Retail Merchandising

     6th Place:
    Manali Sunkara - Hotel and Lodging Management
    Paulina Molina - Human Resources Management
    Emily Conner - Marketing Communications 

     Georgia FBLA Region 11 Leadership Competition 

    Accounting I
    Ben Spitzer – 5th
    Lara Kruger – 9th
    Morgan Mauk – 11th
    A’tiana Cooper – 16th
    Jessie Bowman – 17th
    Nathan Jung – 20th

    Banking & Financial Systems
    Sheza Chaudhry (Team – 1st)
    Esha Patra

    Business Calculations
    D J Barber – 8th
    Andrew Hama – 11th
    Tyler Radtke – 14th
    Stuart Reese – 17th

    Business Communication
    Maddie Campbell – 7th 

    Business Plan
    Justin Ahn (Team – 1st)
    Mehul Kumar
    Nikhil Reddy

    Cameron Reaves – 3rd
    Austin Ray – 6th
    Leah Cote – 14th
    Molly Williams – 20th 

    John Aloi (Team – 5th)
    D J Barber
    Tyler Radtke 

    Future Business Leader
    Royce Dickerson – 3rd 

    Global Business
    Leah Cote – 3rd

    Intro to Business Communication
    Erin Kim – 2nd
    Rachel Zhou – 8th

    Intro to Business Presentation
    Kavya Ahuja (Team – 2nd)
    Nikita Baskar
    Varsha Gadiraju
    Colin Adams (Team – 5th)
    Aidan Meaker
    Yashesh Shah

    Intro to Financial Math
    Nithik Balachandran – 7th
    Eric Ahn – 8th
    Alex Reyman – 13th 

    Intro to Information Technology
    Zach Minot – 1st
    Aidan Leahy – 9th 

    Mahima Siripurapu – 5th

    Management Decision Making
    Royce Dickerson (Team – 1st)
    Sai Kilaru
    Sayuj Shajith
    Jordan Baker (Team – 2nd)
    Ishaan Bhasin
    Jithu Tirumala
    Katie Anderson (Team – 3rd)
    Maxwell Kimble 

    Management Information Systems
    Allen Seo (Team – 2nd)
    Darren Yu
    Shivani Bharadwaz (Team – 4th)
    Priya Dhavala
    Majhak Singh 

    Personal Finance
    Morgan Mauk – 13th
    Paul LaHood – 14th
    Alexis Kibbe – 15th

    Public Speaking I
    Lucia Morris – 3rd 

    Website Design
    Manas Angalakuduti (Team – 3rd)
    Zach Minot
    Anna Zhao
    Kimia Kavanroodi (Team – 5th)
    Eric Kim 

    Regional Scholastic Arts Competition

    Tiffany Weng- Honorable mention
    Jessica Chung- Silver Key & Honorable Mention
    Sydney Friends- Gold Key
    June Lee- Gold Key
    Yerim Roh- Honorable Mention
    Ava Stapleton- Honorable Mention
    Taylor Wardlaw- Silver Key
    Kelsey Sensenbrenner- Gold Key

    Lauren Aubin- Honorable Mention
    Taylor Bahr- Honorable Mention
    Kara Furphy- Honorable Mention, Silver Key
    Alex Johnson- Honorable Mention x2
    Sophie Looby- Honorable Mention x2
    Emma North- Silver Key
    Daniel Park- Gold Key & Honorable Mention

    Naya Burgess- Honorable Mention, Silver Key, Gold Key
    Daniel Park- Silver Key

    Drawing and Illustration-
    Shannon Calhoun- Honorable Mention
    Jessica Chung- Gold Key, Silver Key(2)
    Ann Ding- Honorable Mention, Gold Key
    Odelia Huang- Honorable Mention, Gold Key
    Caroline Jablonowski- Silver Key
    Sarah Kim- Silver Key
    June Lee- Gold Key, Silver Key (2), Gold Key
    Michelle Jeong- Honorable Mention
    Mary Majure- Honorable Mention
    Michelle Park- Gold Key, Honorable Mention
    Solomon Roh- Silver Key (2)
    Jenny Suh- Gold Key
    Vanessa Tam- Honorable Mention
    Rina Yoo- Silver Key
    Andrew Zhai- Honorable Mention
    Emily Zhang- Silver Key
    Tiffany Weng- Gold Key

    Art Portfolio-
    Daniel Park- Honorable Mention
    Jessica Chung- Gold Key
    June Lee- Silver Key
    Solomon Roh- Honorable Mention

    Jessica Chung- Gold Key, Honorable Mention
    Ann Ding- Honorable Mention
    Odelia Huang- Honorable Mention
    Jeeyoon Jung-Silver Key
    Sarah Kim- Silver Key
    June Lee- Gold Key (3), Silver Key
    Sarah Lee- Gold Key, Silver Key
    Daniel Park- Honorable Mention(2), Gold Key
    Solomon Roh- Honorable Mention
    Emily Zhang- Silver Key

    Digital Art-
    Michelle Kim- Gold Key
    Daniel Park- Honorable Mention

    Mixed Media-
    Jessica Chung- Silver Key, Honorable Mention
    June Lee- Gold Key, Silver Key
    Sohye Park- Gold Key, Honorable Mention
    Solomon Roh- honorable Mention, Silver Key
    Yerim Roh- Gold Key, Honorable Mention
    Jenny Suh- Honorable Mention 

    Sandy Springs Chalk Walk Competition 
    Our National Art Honor Society Students participated in the Annual Sandy Springs Chalk Walk Competition September 17-18, 2916. We are pleased to announce that Lambert took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the 5th year in a row!
    1st Place 2016   

     Georgia Tech AP Bowl 
    Congratulations to Sankalp Vadlapudi for his incredible performance at 2016 Georgia Tech AP Bowl competition.  

    2016 Creative Arts Student Contest Winner 
    Stephanie Tian won first place in the high school division and will be presented with a new ipad at the 2016 Days of Remembrance ceremony in the State Captial on May 6. 
    S. Tian - Days of Remembrance  

    Cumming FUMC Festival of Arts Literary/Art Book 
    We are pleased to announce that Sabrina Kien’s artwork titled Spirit has been selected for inclusion in this year’s publication of the Cumming FUMC Festival of Arts Literary/Art Book!  In addition to the cash award, winners receive a copy of the book. 

    Congratulations also go to the following on their publication: 

    Daniel Park
    Olivia Cusimano
    Olivia Johnson
    Chaney Harman
    Mallory Watkins
    Meghan Baptie
    Caroline Carruthers
    Anna Claire Flack
    Stephanie (DaBin) Park

    We would love for you to come see all their work in person in the Festival of Arts show for the County. We will have 40 works of Art on Display for Competition!

     2016 CFUMC Festival of Arts Student Reception & Awards Ceremony
    Wednesday, April 13th from 6-7pm
    Cumming First United Methodist Church
    770 Canton Highway
    Cumming, GA 30040

    More awards categories will be announced at the close of the Cumming Arts festival exhibition at the on Wednesday, April 13th  

     FCCLA State Competition 
    Congratulations to the following students for their accomplishments at Lambert’s first FCCLA State Competition:

    Sara Cleland – 1st place in state – Teaching as a Profession Proficiency Test
    Evita Moore – 2nd place in state – Teaching as a Profession Proficiency Test
    Shannon Larson – 1st place in state – Job Interview (Teaching as a Profession student)
    Caroline Wible – 1st place in state – Food and Nutrition

    Shannon Larson and Caroline Wible have qualified to compete at the FCCLA National Competition in San Diego this summer!   

    Lambert TSA State Performance 
    Congratulations to the following Lambert TSA Students on their excellent performance at State TSA: 
    Computer-Aided Design 3D - Engineering 
    Joel Joseprabu 1st Place 
    Future Technology Teacher 
    Truc Vu Vu Pham 1st Place 
    On-Demand Video 
    David Park 
    Jay Patel 
    Swapnil Lad 
    Matt Lamb 1st Place 

    Biotechnology Design 
    David Park 
    Truc Vu Vu Pham 
    Elynna Chang 
    Swapnil Lad 4th Place 

    Technology Bowl 
    Jay Patel 
    Pranay Prathipati 
    Prem Kurumpanai 4th Place 

    Music Production 
    Abhi Ganta 
    Joel Joseprabu 5th Place 

    Computer Numerical Control Production 
    Kyeu Lee 
    Brendan McCabe 9th Place 

    Fashion Design 
    Gabrielle Soong 
    Stephanie Tian 
    Joonyong Lee 9th Place 

    Joel Joseprabu 
    Prem Kurumpanai 9th Place 

    Architectural Renovation 
    Mehnaz Ruksana 
    Odelia Huang 
    Chase Hughes 
    Swapnil Lad 10th Place 

    Lambert TSA Placed 10th overall for Outstanding TSA Chapter 
    Also, congratulations to Swapnil Lad who was elected for the 2nd time to Represent Lambert and Georgia TSA as a State Officer. Swapnil was Elected by his peers to serve as Georgia TSA State Secretary.

    National wins in Scholastic Art and Writing Competitions 
    Congratulations to Lambert’s own Olivia Cambern and Daniel Park who have moved on to National wins in Scholastic Art and Writing Competitions!  

    12th grader Olivia Cambern wins a silver medal for her film and animation piece entitled “Sam's Parade for Imaginary Friends." Working with her on the film were teammates Ella Darr and Sofia Carvalho.

    11th grader Daniel Park wins a gold medal for his drawing/illustration titled “Deep Sea Dirt”

    10th grader Sarah Park wins a silver medal for her painting “Chicago Establishment I”

    Gold medalists will go to New York for the awards reception and special workshops offered by the Alliance for Art and Writing.  

     Laws of Life Essay Contest Winners from Lambert High School
    9th Grade Winner Lucia Morris
    Honorable Mentions Shivasurya Byroju, Anastasiya Petryshyn
    10th Grade Winner Charlotte Weng
    Honorable Mentions Natalie Basser, Mehul Kumar, Sarah Mullininx, Tiffany Weng
    11th Grade Winner Hannah Kim
    Honorable Mentions Neha Balachandran, Hazel (Hyeju) Lee
    12th Grade Winner Jennifer (Suyoung) Baek
    Honorable Mentions Rachel Priest, Rachel Kenney, Kaelyn Bass, Aarya Pandya 

    Lambert Journalism Staff Earns Highest Regional Honor 
    Congratulations to the Lambert journalism staff.  They have earned the honor of an All Southern rating from the Southern Interscholastic Press Association.  This is the highest honor a journalism staff can earn regionally.   

    Jessica Borla, Jessica Wilder, Riley Findley, Elizabeth Findley, Cayla Vanderzanden, Jordan Meaker, Madeline Laguaite, Kat Raynor, Kelly Yoon, Sungmin Park, Logan White, Lael White, J'Nea Greer, Olivia Pastore, Nusaybah Smith and Quinn Forney. 

    7th Congressional District Art Competition
    Congratulations to 11th grader Odelia Huang for her 3rd place win in the 7th Congressional District Art Competition! Her drawing  entitled “Excess” features her artistic voice and technical merit in a rendering of donuts in colored pencil. The Exhibition is currently on display at the:

    Casey Hudgens Center for the Arts
    6400 Sugarloaf Parkway, Building 300
    Duluth, Georgia 30097

     As a 3rd place winner, Odelia will be presented with a certificate from Congressman Rob Woodall and will be awarded (upon application) a scholarship offer to the Atlanta Institute of Art in the sum of $3,500.00.  SCAD will also offer her partial scholarship upon application for her winning work as well. 

    2016 Georgia FBLA State Leadership Conference 
    Lambert FBLA was awarded Largest Local Chapter ever” in the history of Georgia FBLA at the 2016 Georgia FBLA State Leadership Conference this week in Athens! We also received Gold Chapter – Superior rating and was awarded 10th Place for Chapter of the Year. 
    Congratulations to Royce Dickerson as the new Georgia FBLA State President for the 2016-2017 school year!

    Please also join us in congratulating the following students who placed and earned 33 medals at the state level: 

    1st Place in Banking and Financial Systems
    Shayan Merchant
    Kahan Parekh

     1st Place in Hospitality Management
    Lauren Mattingly
    Mackenzie Morrissey

     1st Place in Intro to Information Technology
    Hunter Lee

     2nd Place in Accounting II
    Molly Williams

     2nd Place in Management Information Systems
    Sai Kilaru
    Sayuj Shajith

     3rd Place in Emerging Business Issues
    Tina Qin
    Cameron Reeves

     3rd Place in Insurance and Risk Management
    Jordan Baker 

    4th Place in Accounting II
    Morgan Mauk 

    4th Place in Agribusiness
    Maggie Baxter 

    5th Place in Business Financial Plan
    Mehul Kumar
    Gaurav Shah 

    5th Place in Entrepreneurship
    Amitesh Chandra
    Austin Ray
    Mahima Siripurapu 

    5th Place in Management Decision Making
    Jordan Baker (individual – super team)
    Jung Choi
    Royce Dickerson (individual – super team) 

    7th Place in Business Calculations
    Hari Pingali 

    7th Place in Global Business (super team)
    Hari Pingali 

    7th Place in Management Decision Making (super team)
    Ishaan Bhasin 

    8th Place in Banking and Financial Systems
    Lucca Nader
    Brandon Thurmond 

    8th Place in Social Media Campaign
    Alena Locurcio
    Colin Masterson 

    9th Place in Business Law
    D J Barber 

    9th Place in Cyber Security
    Pranay Prathipati 

    9th Place in Public Speaking II
    Siyu Gao 

    10th Place in Hospitality Management
    D J Barber
    Tyler Radtke  

    Georgia HOSA State Conference Award Winners 
    Please join us in congratulating the 111 students who placed at the Georgia HOSA State Leadership Conference this past weekend! These students will advance to the International Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN, at the end of June! We are very proud of our Healthcare Science students.  We are also recognized as being the world's largest chapter!  Congratulations to:  

    HOSA SLC Event

    State Rank

    LHS Student

    Dental Terminology 1 Shannon Xayaraj
      5 Chen Lin
    Behavioral Health 4 Maya Patel
    Human Growth  3 Anchal Kumar
           & Development 4 Nicole Mistry
      5 Isbah Kapadia
    Medical Law and Ethics 4 Joanna Yan
      6 Taylor Pigg
    Nutrition 1 Janani Guru
    Pathophysiology 8 Milan Patel
    Pharmacology 7 Atithi Patel
    Medical Math 6 Jake Kwon
      10 Katherine Lang
    Medical Reading 3 Christina Sun
    Medical Terminology 2 Giwoo Kim
    Biomedical Laboratory  2 Elynna Chang
            Science 3 Natalie Shi
      7 Sarah Rupert
    Dental Science 7 Pinak Rodeo
    Medical Assisting 5 Sanjana Reddy
      6 Gouri Rajesh
    Physical Therapy 8 Jack Connelly
    Veterinary Science 10 Beth Wilmath
    CPR/First Aid 1 Maria Xiong and Ashley Ko
      7 Amir Arad and Jay Parimi
    Emergency Medical  7 Trevor Starling and Abraham Xiong
           Technician 9 Udit Shah and Pravin Vikram
    Public Health 1 Hailey Lombardi and Hannah Regan
    Health Poster 8 Stephanie Tian
    Biomedical Debate 1 Pranith Boyapally, Shresta Dubey, Abhi Maddineini, Nina Reddy 
    Biomedical Debate 5 Sujith Abbagoni, Jessie Chen, John Park, Jet Wang
    Community Awareness 2 Rhea Bhalla, Aline Castro, Surya Dillibabu, Yashar Kenareh
    Creative Problem Solving  1
    Claudia Crawford, Julia Mattingly, Hanna Minot, Lauren Townsend

    2 Frankie Kim, Joowon Kim, Chris Rhee, Gabrielle Soong

    6 Arman Hosseini, Shahil Patel, Jas Pyneni, Kahan Parekh

    7 Lauren Kim, Jack Kwon, Laura Chamblee, Tae Kim
    Forensic Medicine 2 Alison Manning, Sarah Stachura

    4 Tanya Roy, Neha Balachandran
    HOSA Bowl 10 Abigail May So,  Chantel Mcarty, Ashley Srivastava, Lauren Yeap
    Health Career Display 4 Danika Jaskulak-Gonzales, Elisabeth Lansden
    Health Education 2 Mahi Patel, Callahan Thompson

    3 Khushi Gupta, Ariyana Shetty, Neha Vangimalla
    Public Service Announcement 5 Lexi Conley, Daniel Jung, Sungmin Kim, Mae McKenna
    Public Service Announcement 6 Eduardo Aguila, Justin Ahn,  Samrath Ayinala, Sarth Diskallar, Amanda Lang
    Barbara James Bronze    Isabella Victoria
    Barbara James Bronze    Pravin Vikram 
    Barbara James Bronze    Logan Casperson
    Barbara James Bronze    Maya Patel
    Barbara James Bronze    Anchal Kumar
    Barbara James Bronze    Ashley Ko
    Barbara James Bronze    Chen Lin
    Barbara James Bronze    Christina Sun
    Barbara James Bronze    Neha Balachandran
    Barbara James Bronze    Natasha Bohra
    Barbara James Bronze    Tanya Roy
    Barbara James Silver    Noora Chandasir
    Barbara James Silver    Nicole Mistry
    Barbara James Silver    Sujith Abbagoni
    Barbara James Silver    Taylor Pigg
    Barbara James Gold    Natasha Ramaswamy
    Barbara James Gold    Dugan Walker
    Barbara James Gold    Mehul Kumar
    Barbara James Gold    Megha Sequira
    Barbara James Gold    Sarth Diskalkar
    Barbara James Gold    Trevor Starling

    Science Olympiad Award Winners
    Congratulations to our Science Olympiad Teams. They had a great day at our region competition at Georgia Tech on Saturday (March 5th) and are moving on to the state competition in April!
    Sci Olympiad 2016        Sci Olympiad 2016

    1st Place:
    Dynamic Planet - Megan Kaiser & Natalie Shih
    Experimental Design - Harshitha Tadinada, Sadhana Durbha, & Stephanie Tian
    Forensics - Neha Balachandran & Tanya Roy
    Fossils - Sadhana Durbha & Stephanie Tian
    Invasive Species - Sadhana Durbha  & Stephanie Tian
    Disease Detectives - Chris Jackson & Gouri Rajesh

    2nd Place:
    Green Generation – Megan Kaiser & Jackson Harris
    It’s About Time -  Prem Kurumpanai
    Protein Modeling – Jackson Harris & Natalie Shih
    Cell Biology - Janani Guru & Milan Patel
    Geologic Mapping - Atithi Patel  & Janani Guru

    3rd Place:
    Cell Biology - Harshitha Tadinada &  Jackson Harris
    Hydrogeology - Debby Song & Harshitha Tadinada
    Experimental Design - Maya Patel, Milan Patel & Gouri Rajesh
    It’s About Time - Mehnaz Ruksana & Swapnil Lad

    4th Place:
    Disease Detectives - Debby Song & Natalie Shih
    Write it, Do it – Neha Balachandran & Tanya Roy
    Anatomy & Physiology - Maya Patel & Milan Patel

    5th Place:
    Anatomy & Physiology - Giwoo Kim & Lala Rao
    Bridge Building - Ayushi Solanki
    Green Generation - Atithi Patel & Anchal Kumar

    6th Place:
    Chemistry Lab - Megan Kaiser & Jackson Harris
    Dynamic Planet – Anchal Kumar & Maya Patel
    Fossils - Mehnaz Ruksana & Swapnil Lad

    7th Place:
    Geologic Mapping - Neha Balachandran & Tanya Roy

    8th Place:
    Forensics -  Ayushi Solanki & Chris Jackson

    10th Place:
    Bridge Building - Sadhana Durbha & Stephanie Tian

    Georgia DECA State Conference Award Winners 
    Congratulations to the 49 students who placed at the Georgia DECA State Career Development Conference this past weekend ! These students will advance to the International Career Development Conference in Nashville, TN, at the end of April! We were also recognized as being the 3rd largest chapter in the state with 594 members!

    1st Place
    Carrie Kaufmann & Dorothy Tam – Financial Literacy Promotion Project (Manual)
    Skylar Aledia, Shelby Rumer & Anna Sullivan – Sports & Entertainment Operations Research (Manual)

    2nd Place
    Ashley Griffith, Taylor Neff & Avery Unverzagt – Creative Marketing Project (Manual)
    Briana Gardner, Susie Kim & Belinda Jiang – Public Relations Project (Manual)
    Shea Murphy – Sports & Entertainment Operations Research (Manual)
    Natalie Kandul & Lauren Rose – Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research (Manual)

    3rd Place
    Maria Blount & Emily Schwenk – Entrepreneurship Promotion Project (Manual)
    Briana Klein & Emilee Skillman – Community Service Project (Manual)
    Katherine Clarke & Emma Noble– Public Relations Project (Manual)
    DJ Quarles & Maranda Villines – Buying & Merchandising Operations Research (Manual)
    Elle Macdonald & Alexis Smith – Business Services Operations Research (Manual)

    4th Place
    Lucia Morris – Business Growth Plan (Manual)
    Royce Dickerson, Natalie Nicoletti & Calla Phillips – International Business Plan (Manual)
    Sofia Cenciarelli, Susanna DiPietro & Caroline Yates – Creative Marketing Project (Manual)
    Keller Boston, Hayley Fouche & Katie Pharr – Learn & Earn Project (Manual)
    Lucia Morris – Business Services Marketing (Test & Role Play)
    Keller Boston – Hotel & Lodging Management (Test & Role Play)

    5th Place
    Paulina Molina – Franchise Business Plan (Manual)
    Taylor Ford, Laura Hancher & Ari Vlajk – Independent Business Plan (Manual)
    Brandon Thurmond – Free Enterprise Economics (Testing Only)

    6th Place
    Laura Hancher – Accounting Applications Series (Test & Role Play)
    Emma Noble – Business Finance (Test & Role Play)
    Ali Braithwaite, Lauren Lacock & Mattie Skillman – Financial Literacy Promotion Project (Manual)
    Royce Dickerson – Entrepreneurship (Testing Only)

    10th Place
    Chase Malinowski – Selling (Testing Only)
    Laura Hancher – Marketing Math (Testing Only) 

    FCCLA Region Competition Award Winners
    Congratulations to the following students for placing at the FCCLA region competition this past weekend – they will advance to the state competition at the end of March!

     Caroline Wible – Food and Nutrition – Jr. category
    Shannon Larson – Job Interview – Occupational category 

    Also congratulations to the following students for placing in the top three in the state for their score on the Teaching as a Profession Proficiency Test! They will be awarded their placements/medals at the state conference in March!
    Sara Cleland
    Evita Moore  

    Georgia Educational Technology Fair Technology Literacy Challenge 
    Congratulations to Cory Larsen as the State Champion in the Georgia Educational Technology Fair Technology Literacy Challenge!!

     FCCLA Regional Culinary Awards
    Congratulations to the following students on representing Lambert High School Culinary Arts program in their first ever FCCLA Regional Culinary competition. The following students placed 3rd in region 2 for their salad and entrée presentation.

    Zac Elz
    Hannah Saylor
    Hailey Gurresio
    Nick Thompson  

     Georgia FBLA Region 11 Officer 
    Please congratulate DJ Barber on being named a Region Officer for Georgia FBLA Region 11 for the ’16-17 school year. 

    Scholastic Art and Writing Awards 
    Congratulations to the following students for their recognition in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards!

    Congratulations to the Scholastic Art Competition Winners!

    Lauren Aubin- Gold Key
    Taylor Bahr- Honorable Mention
    Kelly Baxter- Gold Key
    Carolinie Carruthers- 2 Silver Keys
    Olivia Cambern- Gold Key
    Elynna Chang- 2 Gold Keys & 2 Honorable Mention
    Abby Chechele- 3 Honorable Mentions
    Jessica Chung- 2 Silver Keys & Honorable Mention
    Olivia Cusimano- Honorbale Mention
    Ann Ding- Silver Key
    Anna Claire Flack- 2 Silver Keys & Honorable Mention
    Kara Furphy- Silver Key
    Bhargavi Gundla- Gold Key
    Chaney Harman- Honorable Mention
    Odelia Huang- Gold Key, 4 Silver Keys & 3 Honorable Mention
    Olivia Johnson- Silver Key
    Sabrina Kien- Silver Key & 4 Honorable Mention
    Elena Kim- Honorable Mention
    Sue Kim- Honorable Mention
    Susie Kim- Gold Key, 5 Silver Keys & Honorable Mention
    June Lee- 2 Silver Keys & Honorable Mention
    Sarah Lee-2 Gold Keys, 2 Silver Keys, Honorable Mention
    Katherine Lim- 3 Gold Keys & 3 Silver Keys
    Gracelyn Mayfield- Honorable Mention
    Daniel Park- Gold Key, 2 Silver Keys & Honorbale Mention
    Natasha Ramaswamy- Honorable Mention
    Solomon Roh- 3 Silver Keys
    Lilly Sheppard- 2 Silver Keys & Honorobale Mention
    Ava Stapleton- Honorbale Mention
    Jenny Suh- Gold Key, 2 Silver Keys
    Stephanie Tian- Gold Key, Silver Key
    Mallory Watkins- Silver Key
    Rina Yoo- Gold Key
    Emily Zhang- Gold Key 

    National 1st Place Award!
    SD - RW  
       Congratulations to Sadhana Durbha, seen here with Superintendent Richard Woods for State CTAE recognition, for placing first in the nation in Medical  Spelling at the HOSA National Leadership Conference! 
Last Modified on April 14, 2017