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    Carly Berg, Director/Choreographer
    For More Information about the Drama Program and the Acting Troupe of Lambert Drama Club, please visit: www.atldrama.org 
    The Lambert Drama program has a place for everyone.  Whether you are interested in acting, singing, building sets, making costumes, lighting, sound, make-up, stage management, directing or all of the above, we have the place for you! The Drama department is a great place to make friends, improve confidence and poise, develop leadership and problem solving skills, and have a blast at the the same time.  We have coursework for the beginner and the advanced student interested in pursuing a career in theater. 
    The opportunities provided in the theater program will allow students to develop valuable skills that will serve them well beyond the stage.  The leadership, teamwork, decision making, critical thinking, and public speaking skills that students develop in our program will help make them the successful college students, employees, and employers of the future. 
    The Lambert Drama department produces several mainstage plays and musicals each year.  In addition to the mainstage productions, we have a very successful student directing program which produces three to five performances a year.  We also have an improvisation troupe that receives training from a former member of the world famous Second City improvisation company.
    Honor Society
    Our students are members of the International Thespian Society, a theater honor society.  We attend the Georgia Thespian Conference annually where our students have the opportunity to perform, audition, participate in professional workshops, and attend performances.
    Our department also loves to travel.  We work closely with our choral department and hope to do a joint trip with chorus in 2020-2021!
    You will love being a part of our program, so we hope you will join us for the 2020-2021 school year!
    See What Our Students Have to Say. . . 

    Why do our students enjoy working and participating in the Theater Pathway?  We asked, and this is what they had to say:

    “I have made a lot of friends in my acting class, and I am learning how to interact with people better and how to be more comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people.” -Ashley, Grade 10

    “I love Acting class!  The improv games that we played made me a better actor and made me more comfortable in my own skin.” -Cara. Grade 9

    “I just moved to Georgia, and the theater students were so welcoming.  I have made so many friends in such a short time.” -Kevin, Grade 9

    “Within the first minute of being in the theater environment, I met people that I know are going to be lifelong friends. In addition, theatre enabled me to break out of a shyness that I had for my whole life.  I am more confident around not only people in theater class but all of my peers.” -Danny, Grade 12

    Drama Courses Offered:
    • Acting 
    • Advanced Drama 
    • Musical Theatre 
    • Technical Theatre
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