• World Languages
    Department Chair
     Ms. Kelsey Hill   ext. 412915
    Department Overview

    The Lambert High School World Languages Department wants every student to experience the joys and challenges of learning a second (or third!) language.  We offer courses in French, Latin, and Spanish.  Lambert students can take each of those languages through the AP level.  We firmly believe that in order to be competitive in today’s interconnected world, students must achieve some proficiency in a second language.  There are additional benefits to learning a language:  students learn to synthesize and analyze information and to communicate at a high level.   Students find that language classes complement their studies in history and language arts as well.

    We feel that all students can be engaged in learning another language and can be successful in achieving proficiency.  We appreciate the opportunity to bring our love of languages to the students at Lambert.

    WL Department 2022 
    Department Members
    Teacher Courses Taught Ext.
    Sarah Blanc Spanish 2, Spanish 3 412906
    Viviana Corso Spanish 2 412919
    Yesenia Dodds Spanish 2/3 Block, Spanish 3  412911
    Valerie Erickson AP Spanish Language, Spanish 3 412903
    Veronica Gonzalez Spanish 2, Spanish 3 412846
    Rachel Heit Spanish 2 412838
    Kelsey Hill AP Spanish Literature, Spanish 4  412915
    Abigail Jackson French 1-3, AP French  412908
    Scott Langley Spanish 1, Spanish 2  412912
    Shirley Potter  Spanish 2 412914
    Sims, Tony Latin 1-3, AP Latin 412902
    Cristina Wardrip AP Spanish Language, Spanish 3, Spanish 3-4 Block 412909
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