• PE Courses
    Explores the mental, physical, and social aspects of life and how each contributes to total health and wellbeing; emphasizes safety, nutrition, mental health, substance abuse prevention, disease prevention, environmental health, family life education, health careers, consumer health, and community health. Includes sex/AIDS education lessons based upon the Choosing the Best abstinence based sex education program.
    Personal Fitness
    Provides instruction in methods to attain a healthy level of physical fitness. Covers how to develop a lifetime fitness program based on a personal fitness assessment and stresses strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition and cardiovascular endurance. Includes fitness principles, nutrition, fad diets, weight control, stress management, adherence strategies and consumer information, promotes self awareness and responsibility for fitness.

    General Physical Education I, II, III, IV
    General Physical Education I focuses on any combination or variety of team sports, lifetime sports, track and field events, aquatics/water sports, outdoor education experiences, rhythmics/dance, recreationalgames, gymnastics, and self defense.   Provides basic methods to attain a healthy and active lifestyle. General Physical Education II, III, and IV enhance level one, level two and level three skills in the activities from previous General Physical Education courses and further promotes methods to attain a healthy and active lifestyle.
    Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Team Sports
    Introduces skills, strategies and rules associated with team sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, team handball and flag football. Intermediate Team Sports enhances skills and strategies in team sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, team handball and flag football. Advanced Team Sports provides opportunities to officiate and to enhance skills in team sports strategies.
    Introductory and Intermediate Lifetime Sports
    The students will learn the terminology, rules and skills of various lifetime sports such as tennis, golf, badminton, and softball. Sportsmanship and safety are also key course components. Intermediate Lifetime Sports enhances skills in lifetime sports such as bowling, golf, tennis, racquetball, baseball, badminton, skating and skiing.
     Weight Training and Advanced Weight Training
    The student will participate in activities designed to improve his or her physical fitness. These will include activities in the areas of cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance. Fitness testing will be included. The student will be shown lifts, safe spotting techniques and how to follow designed programs. Advanced coursework includes body sculpting and exercise/weight control. See the course prerequisites for the sequence of these courses.

    Drivers Education— 1 semester course / ½ credit

    This course requires application and approval.

    Drivers Education is offered through a collaborative effort between the high schools and Forsyth County businesses. Through classroom instruction and use of driving simulators, students will complete the non-driving portion of the course during the school day. Actual driving instruction may be arranged with participating businesses at times other than during the school day, often for an additional fee. Please note that most auto insurance companies will not offer discounted premiums for classroom instruction alone.

Last Modified on February 3, 2022