• SS Office Hours


    Teacher Subject Office Hours
    Baldwin, William US History By Appointment
    Douglas, Todd AP US Government, US Government Monday-Friday 7:45-8:25 upon request
    Eisner, Katie AP World History, World History Mondays-Fridays 7:45-8:15
    Jakaitis, Brian AP Psychology, World Geography Mondays and Tuesdays 7:45-8:15
    Jimenez, Hector World History, Honors World History Thursdays between 7:45 a.m. and 8:15 a.m
    Kwasniewicz, Ellie Government, Economics, Current Issues Monday-Thursday 7:45 - 8:15
    Lauterbach, Eric AP Macroeconomics, Economics Monday-Thursday 7:45 - 8:15
    Martin, Bob AP Human Geography, World History Wed 7:45-8:15am or by appointment.  
    Martin, Katie Economics, World History, Current Issues Tuesday and Wednesday mornings 7:45-8:15am 
    McCain, Vegas  US History M-F 7:30 am to 8:25 am, M-F 3:40 pm to 4:15 pm
    McCormick, John AP Human Geography, World History Every morning at 7:45 or by appointment
    Moran, Steven AP World History, AP US Governmen Monday-Friday 7:45-8:15
    Parker, Rebecca AP Psychology Tuesday and Thursday 7:45-8:15
    Posey, Joel AP Macroeconomics, Economics  Mornings by appointment 7:45 – 8:15
    Roy, Rhetta AP European History Appointments available most mornings
    Sagel, Josh Govervment Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:55-8:15 
    Skeen, Steve US History By Appointment
    Temple, Keenan AP US History, US History Monday-Thursday 7:45-8:15am
    Waters, Bill Geography, World History  Monday – Friday 7:45 am
    Watkins, Lauren AP Human Geography Every morning from 7:15 to 8:15
    Williams, Lindsay  AP Psychology, Psychology, Sociology Tuesday & Thursday 7:45 – 8:15
    Wilson, Chris AP World History 7:50-8:15 am Monday - Friday
    Wilson, Jen AP US History Upon student request, available Wed-Fri mornings
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