Medications and Forms 

    For any medications to be administered at school use the Medication Administration Form

    • All prescription meds will require a doctor’s signature.
    • Asthma medications require an Asthma Action Plan
    • Epipen and/or Benadryl require an Allergy Action Plan
    • Seizure Medications require a Seizure Action Plan

    Please click HERE to access these forms!



    Here's a reminder of Forsyth County School's policy on medications: 


    • Students are not permitted to bring medications to school (including simple things, such as cough drops). They must be brought in by a parent and the proper paperwork completed. I am able to keep over the counter meds, such as tylenol, etc. if brought in by parents. 
    • Medications must be in the original container with the manufacturer's labeling. Prescription medication must be labeled by a pharmacy. 
    • Medications are not carried over from school year to school year.  Forms must be resigned for each school year. 
    • A Doctor's signature on all Care Plans and medication forms for prescription medications that will be given for longer than a two week period is required.
    • In accordance with Forsyth County Policy, the school clinic does not provide any medications for students.


    We want to maintain a safe school, and maintaining proper procedure regarding medications is absolutely essential.


    Thank you for your help in this matter. 

Last Modified on August 2, 2021