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    The intramurals program at Lakeside aims to provide an opportunity for
    students to participate in different sports and fitness activities on a daily basis. 

    Intramurals will be held

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 
    8:00 AM - 8:30 AM
    Meet in the Gym 



    For 2021-2022:

    August- Soccer with Coach Hall

    September- Basketball with Coach Foster

    October- WiffleBall with Coach A. Daniels

    November- Flag Football with Coach Pickens

    December- Track/Field with Coach Scott

    January- Foosball/PingPong with Coach Carlisle

    February- Spikeball with Coach N. Daniels

    March- TBA with Coach Davis

    April- Kickball with Mr. Evans

    May- Volleyball/Basketball with Coach Mason





Last Modified on July 14, 2021